One rectangle having shorter side is 2m and is fold along the line joining the midpoint of the longer side. the ratio of longer and shorter side in both new and old rectangle remains same than what was the length of longer side in new rectangle.............
a) √2
b) 2√2
c) 2
d) none of these

(ITC Infotech Question)
ramesh   Consider the side of the rectangle be x and 2 initially.
After folding along the mid point of the longer side we have side as x/2,2.
The ratio of longer side to short side in first is 2/x.
After fold it may be 2/(x/2) or (x/2)/2
[Because we cant make out clearly if 2 or x/2 is the longer side in the new rectangle formed.] In one case upon equation x becomes zero which is not possible. Hence we consider the other equation alone,
2/x = (x/2)/2 --> x² = 8; x = 2√2
7 years ago
Atul Priya Baranwal   very nice ramesh
6 years ago
mousumi roy   yes the ans is b)2\/2
6 years ago
Dibyendu   x is the length of the old rectangle and x/2 is for new rectangle.
so, x/2=2V2/2=V2=1.414
So,the longer side of the new rectangle is 2 and the ans is c) 2
6 years ago
monalisa parveen   ans is c)2
5 years ago
Ishu Jain   2 is correct
5 years ago
pragya priyadarshini   very nice ramesh
4 years ago
akshaya   what is the exact ans
3 years ago