Two travelers, one with 64 barrels of wine, other with 20 barrels of wine. They don't have enough money to pay duty for the same. First traveler pays 40 francs and gives his 5 barrels, Second traveler gives his 2 barrels but gets 40 francs in exchange. What's value of each barrel, and duty for each barrel?
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Asked by Priya kumari
yatish   BARREL COST=120

8 years ago
kalaskar swetha   how to solve this????
7 years ago
nalini tanwer   value of barrel=120
7 years ago
Nishant Chauhan   try to make two equation in x and y..
64y=40+5x and 20y=2x-40

7 years ago
Anil Karre   Value of barrel = 120 francs., Duty for each barrel = 10 francs
7 years ago
Ramlaxmi   how to solve this???
7 years ago
Ghazala Farheen   hello i wud lik to interrupt... here u ppl are calculating the duty cost for the barrel both the travelers has given to him... so why he should pay for it...
and i calculated the way that first travlr is paying for 64-5 -59 barrels and traveler 2 is paying for 20-2=18 barrels.
so x=110 cost of each barrel...
and y=10 rate for each barrel...
wud anybdy make me understand if i am wrong then where is my fault!!
6 years ago
  I think solving in equation method is correct
5 years ago
p.s.nikitha   what is x and what is y
5 years ago
Sai Kiran Voduri   X is Barrel Cost & Y is Duty Cost :-)
5 years ago
satya   hu hu hu
4 years ago
Sourav Dutta   64y = 40+5x ....(i)
20y = 2x-40....(ii)

solve this.... then x == barrel cost & y == Duty Cost..
4 years ago
Debojyoti Paul   very easyyyyy....
4 years ago
Debojyoti Paul   ki re sandy kre6is eta???@sandy
4 years ago