All fair skinned, rich, handsome, muscular, lean and employed are tall men
1) all lean men are muscular.
2) no fairskinned person who is not rich is handsome.
3) some muscular men are handsome.
4) all handsome are fairskinned.
5) no person who is neither fair skinned nor muscular is employed.
Asked by Pritha sharma
Masroor   3 is correct
7 years ago
Krishnendu De   3 is correct
7 years ago
amit   3
7 years ago
neha   how...
7 years ago
Noor Hassan   draw the venn diagram for each specification mentioned above.all of them w,ll be under tall men.solve in that way u w,ll find ur correct answer is 3.
7 years ago
amar singh   3
6 years ago
purwaahijain   3
6 years ago
sushmita sen   3
5 years ago
Vaibhav Patel   Explain more i cant get
3 years ago