There are 4 political parties . Day flight , eat well , good sleep , deposit loss. The 3 statements are
A. Either day flight or eat well will win the election.
B. Day flight cannot win election.
C. Neither deposit loss nor eat well can win the election.
Only one statement is true while other two are false .who win the election.
Asked by Pritha sharma
srikanth   good sleep will win the election, by taking C is true, A and B are false
7 years ago
Krishnendu De   eat well bcoz B true A&C FALSE
7 years ago
Yugandhara Patil   i have not understood this question,cn u plz explain..
7 years ago
Prachi   deposit loss will win the election.
7 years ago
Hiren   good sleep will win the election
6 years ago
abhishek kumar yadav   eat well win the election
by considering statement 3 is false
6 years ago
Vaibhav Patel   i think A is related to B
and A is related to C
so one right and two false so
A is right and B and C are false.
3 years ago
Paras   eat well definatelly
3 years ago
Mounika   Day flight wins
3 years ago
Chakradhar siddapuram   F T F
2 years ago