There is a game which is being played by 2 persons A and B. The 2 players start the game keeping identical 50 paise coins on a blank board alternately. The 50 paise coins can be kept in the board such that no part of the coin is outside the board. It can touch the board edge but cannot protrude outside the board. The two players can place the coins anywhere on the board. The coins placed during the course of the game can touch each other at the periphery but cannot overlap with the already placed coins.
The player who has space to place the last coin is the winner i.e the player placing the last coin on the board with no space available for the opponent is the winner. If you are one of the players, what will your strategy be so that you definitely win?
Asked by Saikat
omnath   i will ask him to play first....:)
7 years ago
ashish kumar chaurasia   i will start the game. there may be a condition in which after placing a single coin game may over
7 years ago
nitesh   i will offer him to play first.....if the win can be possible for only even times
7 years ago
waquas   i will start the game if the no. of places for coins to place is odd.........otherwise ask the the opponent to start
7 years ago
arghyajit saha   i will keep the 1st coin at the centre and place the coins diagonally oposite to him....
6 years ago
Abhishek Bharti   I am with you .. @waquas
6 years ago
balaji   yep ,,,,,thats crct i think so,,if there is odd places i will start ,,,if there is
even places means i will ask my opponenet to start
6 years ago
akash bhargava   here is nothing written about the places or the size of the board can one define strategy.??
6 years ago
wwww   what is the strategy to get it done.
5 years ago
sudeep kundu   iwill start the game & places the coins at the corners of the board
3 years ago
teja   if i am in that situation we both will start from two sides at a time and who will be the fast he may win.
2 years ago