A man had three daughters. Another man asked him the ages of his daughter. He told that the product of their ages is 36.
Second man was confused and asked for another clue. First man told him that the sum of their ages is equal to his house number.
Second man did some calculations and was still confused. He asked for another clue. First man told him that his youngest daughter had blue eyes. On hearing this, second man immediately gave the correct Answer.
Asked by Saikat
anjaneyulu   can u give me answer for this?
7 years ago
GAUTAM SUNDAR RAJ.V.V   wat is meant by blue eye?
7 years ago
7 years ago
Rajesh Pal   ????
7 years ago
Maruthi Kumar.S   6*3*2=36
7 years ago
Rishi Kant   the right answer is 1,6,6 ... because as far as i concerned "youngest daughter has blue eyes" means the two daughters are twins, i.e it is only possible in this case ....

correct me if m wrong..
7 years ago
TAUSIF ISLAM   @rishi kant he combination cud also be 3,3,4..... how do u get the combination 1,6,6....plzz discuss....
7 years ago
veena   ans is 1,6,6
7 years ago
Tata Guru   here, it has two possibilities 3,4,3 and 1,6,6 so in both cases, if we observe two are twins and, in problem it mentioned that younger have blue eyes means (1,6,6) is possible so it is answer i think
7 years ago
anshul   12 ,3, 1 can also be d answer
7 years ago
KASI ABHILASH KUMAR   ans 6*3*2=36.
7 years ago
arjun aswal   how could decide that they are twins...
7 years ago
Alok Jaiswal   yaa 1,6,6 if they are twin.
3,4,3 is not possible since he has only one youngest daughter then how two (3,3) possible?
7 years ago
vilas   isnt 18, 2, 1 possible... lol
6 years ago
lakshmi   6,3,2
6 years ago
nikhil   explain with some complteeness

5 years ago
sakamuri dilli babu   1,6,6-its just a logic
5 years ago
sakamuri dilli babu   dont confuse-ans is-1,6,6
5 years ago
hasib   1,6,6 is the ans
5 years ago
vindhya   he has two combinations : 1,6,6 and 9,2,2,whose sum is 13.
so he asked for more clue, the youngest daughter has blue eyes- i.e. youngest(smallest ) no. is 1, so he has 1,6,6. is the correct answer in case of younger daughter.
5 years ago
when he told that their product as 36, he will notedown all possible cases and asks another clue,
36 1 1
12 3 1
6 6 1
9 4 1
9 2 2
6 3 2
second clue was their sum is equal to house number.we dont know the house number but that person only knows so he will add all his different cases and match with house number
36 1 1=38
12 3 1=16
6 6 1=13
9 4 1=14
9 2 2=13
6 3 2=11
now he saw that two sets of answer contains the house number [ie.,13] so he asked next clue
if, the house number was not 13 then he didn't asked next clue.
according to final clue, that man has a youngest daughter so, the correct pair is 6 6 1
5 years ago
ramesh   super@takshan
4 years ago