Suresh borrowed some money at the rate of 6% p.a. for the first three years, 9% p.a. for the next five years and 13% p.a. for the period beyond eight years. If the total interest paid by him at the end of 11 years is Rs.8160, how much money did he borrow?
Asked by Gautham Swami
rawankumar   Sol: Let the sum be Rs.x. Then,
= [x*6*3/100] + [x*9*5/100] + [x*13*3/100] = 8160
=>18x+45x+39x = (8160*100)
=> 102x = 816000
Therefore, x=8000.
7 years ago
Ambalika   i dont get the answer please explain it...
7 years ago
bharathi   thats correct
7 years ago
devendra   using simple interest formula
6 years ago
suchandra rout   8000..right
5 years ago