My mother gave me money to buy stamps of price 2paisa, 7 paisa,15 paisa, 10paisa and 20 paisa. I had to buy 5 each of three types and 6 each of the other 2 types . But on my way to the post office i forgot how many of stamps of each type were to be brought . My mother had given me rupees 3 . So i had no problem in finding out the exact amount of each one . Can you tell me which stamps were 5 in number , n whic were 6 in number
(Aricent Question)
Asked by Raj
yagyavrat   7,15,2(5 each)
20,10(6 each)
8 years ago
prabhat mahto   yes
7 years ago
Harshdeep Sokhey   5 each of 2,7,15
6 each of 20,10

6x+5y=300 ..(i)
x+y=54 ..(ii)

x=24 (2+7+15)
y=30 (10+20)
7 years ago
Harshdeep Sokhey x=30 and y=24
7 years ago
shivesh kumar   no matters with the value of x nd y, we get 24 which is 2+7+15=24; are 5 in number and rest 20+10 are 6 in number..
7 years ago
sudhanshu   it matters if value of x in above will be 24 than no's of 6 will differs
6 years ago
amitabh   30,24
6 years ago
zahid   ?
2 years ago