Find out the word which does not belong to the group
A) Poland B) Greece C) Spain D) Korea
(CTS Question)
Asked by Saikat
anamika   korea
8 years ago
aajy kumar singh   currency of korea is won and others is euro
so answer is d
7 years ago
radhika   hmm korea
7 years ago
yashu chaman   korea coz nt an europian country..
7 years ago
mahesh kumar   korea it is
7 years ago
sankho upadhyay   Poland, Greece, Spain : Is in Europe
While Korea is not in Europe.
Hence "D" is the answer.
7 years ago
kailash   except korea remaining countries are european countries
7 years ago
Ashokkumar   korea
6 years ago
Hasitha   spain
4 years ago
antara   korea is an asian country
4 years ago