Mr. A, Miss B, Mr. C and Miss D are sitting around a table and discussing their trades.
1. Mr. A sits opposite to cook
2. Miss b sits right to the barber.
3. The washer man is on the left of the tailor
4. Miss D sits opposite Mr. C
Q).What are the trades of A and B?
A. Tailor and Barber
B. Tailor and cook
C. Barber and cook
D. washer man and cook
(CTS Question)
Asked by Saikat
anamika   i got b) as the answer
8 years ago
JAGNARAYAN TIWARI   yes, b) is the answer
7 years ago
radhika   b is correct
7 years ago
mahesh kumar   tailor and cook
7 years ago
sankho upadhyay   Miss D sits opposite to Mr. C.
=> A and B are opposite to each other.
hence, Arrangement is as follows.
{A C B D} or {A D B C} [clockwise]
B = Cook [given]
B sits right of barber => D or C is barber.
Washer man is on the left of the tailor.
=> A is tailor and C/D => Washer man.
hence, Option B is the answer.
7 years ago
Ipsa Biswas   B
7 years ago
ALIVIA GUIN   B) tailor and cook
7 years ago
neetu   B. Tailor and Cook
5 years ago
Manas Kumar Uttarkabat   B
5 years ago
krishna arora   b is corrct
4 years ago