In a pile of 10 books, there are 3 of History, 3 of Hindi, 2 of mathematics and 2 of English. Taking from above, there is an English book between a history and mathematics book, a history book between a mathematics and an English book, a Hindi book between an English and a mathematics book, a mathematics book between two Hindi books and two Hindi books between a Mathematic and a History book. Book of which subject is at the sixth position from top?

A. English B. Hindi B. Mathematics C. History
(CTS Question)
Asked by Saikat
anamika   B) hindi
7 years ago
anamika   oder i got is hin/eng/math/his/eng/hin/math/hin/hin/his
7 years ago
Arka De   order i hv got ... its hindi...i guess......
7 years ago
radhika   hindi....order his..eng..math..his..eng..hin..math..hin..hin..his...
7 years ago
mahesh kumar   hindi
7 years ago
sankho upadhyay   The correct order is :
1. History
2. English
3. Maths
4. History
5. English
6. Hindi
7. Maths
8. Hindi
9. Hindi
10. History
So , Book at sixth position is Hindi
7 years ago
Ipsa Biswas   hindi.
6 years ago
hemalatha   hindi
5 years ago
avinash ranjan   hindi
5 years ago
AMIT RAJ   option B
5 years ago
manish kujur   hindi is thre right ans

5 years ago
neetu   B. Hindi
5 years ago
patatri dasgupta   hindi
5 years ago
Manas Kumar Uttarkabat   HINDI
5 years ago
krishna arora   hindi
4 years ago