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After months of talent searching for an administrative assistant to the president of the college the field of applicants has been narrowed down to 5--A, B, C, D, E .It was announced that the finalist would be chosen after a series of all-day group personal interviews were held.The examining committee agreed upon the following procedure
I). The interviews will be held once a week
II). 3 candidates will appear at any all-day interview session
III). Each candidate will appear at least once
IV). If it becomes necessary to call applicants for additional interviews, no more 1 such applicant should be asked to appear the next week
V). Because of a detail in the written applications,it was agreed that whenever candidate B appears, A should also be present.
VI). Because of travel difficulties it was agreed that C will appear for only 1 interview.

Q1. At the first interview the following candidates appear A,B,D.Which of the following combinations can be called for the interview to be held next week.

Q2. Which of the following is a possible sequence of combinations for interviews in 2 successive weeks

Q3. If A ,B and D appear for the interview and D is called for additional interview the following week,which 2 candidates may be asked to appear with D?
I. A

A). I and II
B). I and III only
C). II and III only
D). III and IV only

Q4. Which of the following correctly state(s) the procedure followed by the search committee
I.After the second interview all applicants have appeared at least once
II.The committee sees each applicant a second time
III.If a third session,it is possible for all applicants to appear at least twice
A).I only
B).II only
C).III only
D).Both I and II

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