In a certain society, there are two marriage groups, red and brown. No marriage is permitted within a group. On marriage, males become part of their wives groups; women remain in their own group. Children belong to the same group as their parents. Widowers and divorced males revert to the group of their birth. Marriage to more than one person at the same time and marriage to a direct descendant are forbidden

Q1. A brown female could have had
I. A grandfather born Red
II. A grandmother born Red
III Two grandfathers born Brown
(A) I only
(B) III only
(C) I, II and III
(D) I and II only

Q2. A male born into the brown group may have

(A) An uncle in either group
(B) A brown daughter
(C) A brown son
(D) A son-in-law born into red group

Q3. Which of the following is not permitted under the rules as stated.

(A) A brown male marrying his father's sister
(B) A red female marrying her mother's brother
(C) A widower marrying his wife's sister
(D) A widow marrying her divorced daughter's ex-husband

Q4. If widowers and divorced males retained their group they had upon marrying which of the following would be permissible ( Assume that no previous marriage occurred)

(A) A woman marrying her dead sister's husband
(B) A woman marrying her divorced daughter's ex-husband
(C) A widower marrying his brother's daughter
(D) A woman marrying her mother's brother who is a widower.

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arun kumar   Q1. 
Case I: Grandfather born red. 
After marriage of grandfather family turns to brown. Let they have a female child. So After marriage she remain brown and her child is brown.
So case I is possible (Grandfather is father of mother)

Case II: Grandmother born red
After marriage she remains red and they have a male child. So after marriage he became brown. And his child remain brown.
So case is possible ( Grandmother is mother of her father)

Case III: Two grandfathers born red
After marriage both grandfathers turn brown. But Brown group can not marry any person from brown group. So this case is not possible

Hence Case I and II are true  
7 years ago
arun kumar   If a man is born into the brown group it means
Father: Red group born
Mother: Brown group born

So uncle can be red group born or brown group born. (Maternal uncle will be brown group and paternal uncle will be of red group) Hence A is true.

After marriage man will turn into red. The man will have a red daughter and son. B and C are false.

As daughter is red. So son in law will be brown group. Hence D is false

Only A is true
7 years ago
arun kumar   (ii)A red female marrying her mother's brother
Red female's mother will be red and her brother will also be red born. So it is not possible
7 years ago
arun kumar   (D) A woman marrying her mother's brother who is a widower.
Mother's brother's group will be changed after his marriage. When he became widower he retain the changed group as in the question. Hence marriage is permissible
7 years ago