Company Facts for Phillips Carbon Black Ltd.(PCBL)

CEO: Mr. Ashok Goyal

Placement Procedure: Edit

WRITTEN:- Aptitude and Technical
  • Quantitative : 20 Minutes, 15 questions (sets,venn diagram, volume and other general analytic questions.)
  • Technical:- (40 minutes)
C/C++ : Give the output of the following code, linked list questions, pointers.Questions from core subjects of EEE, like power, motor, rectifier, JK flipflop...
INTERVIEW:- Technical and HR
write programs related to strings and linked list and basic concepts of multi threaded systems and networking, difference between speed regulators for ceiling fans used in day to day life and the primitive ones, OS, DSP, MSW, C Programming, microprocessor, various components inside a microprocessor, Linear devices, 3D geometry...

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