Company Facts for COVANSYS

Founder: Raj Vattikuti
CEO: Raj Vattikuti

Placement Procedure: Edit

1)WRITTEN:- 1hour, 80 question
There are 3 sections in the written test.
1st section: Total no of questions are 15 and each question carries 2 marks. 3 critical reasoning were given in this section and each one has 5 questions.
2nd section: Total no of questions are 15 and each carries 3 marks.
3rd section: Total no of questions are 50 and each carries 1/2 mark. In this section the questions were based on fundamentals of computer.
2)INTERVIEW:-Technical and HR
In technical they asked the question from DBMS, Software Engineering and also to write a simple C program...
Hr is pretty cool it is a simple conversation...

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