Company Facts for SAPIENT

Founder: Alan J. Herrick
CEO: Alan J. Herrick

Placement Procedure: Edit

WRITTEN:- Technical and Aptitude test(Total time:- 2 hour)
  • English(25 ques.), Quantitative Ability(25 ques.),C/C++/JAVA(25 ques.), Reasoning(25 ques.)
INTERVIEW:-Technical and HR
  • C(code), OOPS(polymorphism, Inheritence, abstraction, segmentation fault), Maths Puzzles, DS(linked list, Stack, Queue and sorting), Algorithm for bubble sort, quick sort, Java. Databases, File systems...

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Company Info: Edit this content

Share Price (at the moment):




Fresher Package:

4.2 LPA

Onsite Opportunity:

Quite Good


C, C++, Java, .NET and the platform are VC++, eclipse, IbmWebsphere


As per standards

Switching Option:

Accenture, IBM, Fidelity

Working Hours:

(flexi/fixed) depends upon the project you are on


7000 (as of 31st Dec 2009)


Integrated Marketing Services, Interactive Services, Creative Design, Experience Research & Analysis, Business & IT Strategy, Business Applications, Business Intelligence, & Outsourcing


Gurgoan, Bangalore, Noida