There is a table on which a number of coins are placed. You also know that there are as many coins with Head up as many coins with Tail up. Now you have to divide the coins (number of coins is even) into two equal piles such that number of coins with Heads up and Tails up in either piles be the same. The catch is you are blind folded and you cannot determine the sides (for sure) if you are blinded .
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  • p jst separate d coins in 2 piles wid equal no. of coins in each, no matter hw many H or Ts on each side and jst flip all the coins on any one side.. if 100 coins der, divide in 2 grps each containing 50 coins, let 'T' no. of tails on 1 side means (50-T) tails on oder side so if u flip all coins on side containin T tails den it ll nw contain (50-T) tails

    Prajjal Dasverma   thanx for explaining
    9 years ago


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