how would you explain the "computer networks" to a Kindergarden child
  • A I would make them hold each others hands, making sure a complete circle isnt formed. We will play a game where i will tell them a message which needs to be passed to the child sitting next to him/her n this will be done till the last child recieves the message.
    This will make them aware of many things such as:
    1.Message passing
    2.Method of how the message is paased
    3.Discrepancy if any, traffic and loss of message to make it more secure
    5.and the actual life example of computer networks.

  • A i will make him understand using slates and pencils like connecting slates with slate-pencils..................!

  • A I would make him understand with the help of an example.
    A FRIENDSHIP : I would make him understand how friendship relation is created between two human beings. Its kind of thread between these two human beings. That always keeps them in touch, help each others in trouble times, pass on important informations,etc. All these takes place because of an understanding between the two. Similarly two computers are like these two human beings, that needs to be connected to get tasks completed faster. This connection is called a network, since it involves a computer, thus called computer network.

    sunita   i would make them watch a spider web....and then make them understand how networks are created
    10 years ago


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