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Company: Amdocs
Package: 4.2 (LPA)
College: 1, 2001
Branch: 0

Pattern of Written Test

Selection Process consisted of an online test. Online test had two parts- Aptitude and Technical. Selected candidates were called for the interviews.
Online test had two parts- Aptitude(1 hour) and Technical(1 hour). Aptitude further had 3 sections-
1. LR/DI- similar to those asked in CAT exams. It had a total of 25 questions.
2. 2nd section tested the ability to read from the computer screen; like a pattern such as "pppaappap" was given in question and from the options we had to choose the one same as in question.It had a total of 15 questions.
3. It had a passage, mostly a technical one, based on which 10 questions were asked.

Technical part also had 3 sections-
1. C language- questions mainly related to finding output of program or finding code snippet which will give the desired output. It had 20 questions.
2. SQL - Questions were asked from all possible areas like syntax, keywords, sql server error codes, etc. There were 15 questions.
3. Unix - Here too questions were from syntax, keywords, shell scripting, etc. It had 15 questions.
As per information received from our T&P cell, 1st section in technical part had a weightage of 70% , 2nd section had 20% and 3rd section 10%.

60% was the cut-off in both the aptitude and technical part. There was no break between the tests. There was time limit for each section.

GPA criteria

Only students with 60% or above throughout their academic career (10th, 12th and grad) were allowed to take the online test.

Technical Interview

Next came the technical part. They were probably testing expertise in either in SQL or Unix. I was asked questions only from SQL. I was asked to write SQL queries related to my 3rd year project which I easily did. 7-8 questions and that was it. Hardly 15 minutes. Mine interview was the shortest one, on an average it was of 25 minutes.

HR Interview

Since the written test was in itself complete and difficult, the interview was short and concise. Only one interview was there and they started with HR questions but I think that was to relax the student.


For Amdocs have good knowledge either in SQL or Unix. If both are good then it will do wonders.

No. of Candidate applied And Points that Worked in Favour

A total of 44 students sat for the test. 7 cleared the online test and were called for the interview- HR and technical in one.
Finally 5 were selected- 4 from CSE and 1 from electronics.

GPA doesnot work anywhere, Its sole purpose is shortlisting.

My deep SQl and DBMS knowledge were the only thing that worked in my favor.

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