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Company: accenture
Package: 3 (LPA)
College: KIIT UNIVERSITY, 2012
Branch: MCA

GPA criteria

6.0 in Current Degree.(for Written, Technical and HR).
70% consistent from 10th onwards(for Direct HR).

Technical Interview

My Technical Interviewer behaved very friendly with me. He asked me questions on HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript.
1. Write tags of HTML.
2. Difference among HTML, DHTML and XHTML.
3. Some questions relating to FORM and FRAME.
4. Name some of the Internet Protocols.
5. Whether I had done JDBC connectivity.
and some more like these.

HR Interview

She asked me:
1. About Myself.
2. Something about myself that I hadn't mentioned in my CV.
3. Three Leadership Skills
4. Three locations where I would like to work.
5. Am I comfortable to work on all technologies.


For online test: Take sometime to think logically. In English section, Read the passage once before seeing the questions and then read one question and search from the passage and follow same for next.
In your CV: Write only those technologies(C, C , Java etc.) that you can handle in the interview and in the best order first. For example, if you know Java better than C then write Java first. You can also mention other technologies apart from your course curriculum like C Sharp, Python, PHP etc.
For HR: Speak Basic English with no grammatical errors. No need to use hard vocabulary.
And most important! Behave Good.

No. of Candidate applied And Points that Worked in Favour

Total 712 applied for written(on-line test).
412 selected for Technical and HR.
251 finally got placement.

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