Abhishek's Interview
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Package: 3.25 (LPA)
College: Lovely Professional University, Punjab, 2012
Branch: Computer Science And Engineering

Pattern of Written Test

Aptitude Test : 60 -- Minutes 60-- Questions
*English : Lengthy
*Logical Reasoning- Average (need practice)
*Arithmetic- Average (also need practice)
*No Negative Marking

Pattern of Group Discussion

Not GD , but just basic Communication Check Round....be fluent and Clear .....

Technical Interview

Basically AON HEWITT HIRE FOR SCS (set conf. specialist ) which is Software Testing .
Their Tech Round consists of DATABASE ( Joins, Normalisation , Transactions) ...
They also ask to write Queries , nd if u are lucky enough , then u will face some easy one....
Now they also ask Questions from SOFTWARE ENGINEERING ......Testing , Type of Testing , phases of Soft. Development ....and some basic concepts......

and also it Depends on the INTERVIEWER that how and of what level questions they ask......but they basically ask from DATABASE nd SOFTWARE ENGINEERING ..........

They also ask Questions from ur project , they dont go so deep but ask basic questions....

HR Interview

Its EASY ONE, but be Genuine..

In HR Round they mostly ask Quest, like..

Introduce yourself..........etc

Do u know abt the Job Profile..( they ask this quest. bcz really the Job profile description is quite confusing , bt it is basically Software Testing)

Then they ask Questions from ur RESUME, abt ur extra curricular activities,( like i write Performing Theatres, hence they ask How many plays have u performed, and what was ur favourite nd what role u like the most ..)

They check simply for the Genuinity of ur RESUME.....

Sometimes they also ask abt ur expectation from the company , ...

About ur family members,
Your Hobbies etc


The most important thing is in Interviews ur luck aslo matters alot............so if u got Rejected in any intreview , dont demotivated bcz may be ur luck didnt worked, so try again nd again......I was rejected in 3 Interviews before that ...and they always search for ALLROUNDERS , so be good in every aspect .........

No. of Candidate applied And Points that Worked in Favour

written : 500
Interview : 250(many were rejected in tech interview as well in HR)

Approx 76 were selected

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