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Company: TCS
Package: 3.15 (LPA)
College: Confidential, 2010
Branch: Computer Science And Engineering

Pattern of Written Test

Aptitude Test : 0 Minutes<br />
Quantitative : 0 Minutes<br />
Reasoning / Analytical : 0 Minutes<br />
Verbal English : 0 Minutes<br />
Technical : 0 Minutes<br />
Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:<br />
The test was online. In the verbal section they asked synonyms and antonyms. Apti questions were kinda easy. Qs<br />
like ratio n proportion, shares, average etc. There were reasoning questions but no technical.

Technical Interview

Well i had the technical interview for about 30 mins. First he asked whats my favorite subject. I said its DS. So he<br />
asked few Qs on DS like stacks, queues, and sorting. These Qs were like the basics. Like how to swap two nos<br />
without using another variable. He asked to write the codes for insertion sort and queue. And he went through my<br />
resume n he asked few Qs on like all the subjects iv learned. From DBMS, NW, SE and even Microprocessors. But<br />
only the basic stuff. Qs were like whats software development life cycle(sdlc), whats TCP/IP, whaddu mean by<br />
implementation etc.<br />
After technical i had a managerial interview. It was for like 15-20 mins. They asked some puzzels and Qs from SE<br />
like what are the testing methods etc.

HR Interview

It was for like 20 mins again. He asked Qs like what are ur hobbies, ur weaknesses, extra curricular activities etc. N<br />
he asked more Qs based on the answers i gave:). Overall it was good. You can just answer freely but confidently.


Be thorough with the basics of all the subjects uv studied. Do Apti questions from R.S Agarwal or u can go through<br />
the placements papers available on net.

No. of Candidate applied And Points that Worked in Favour

he selection day was very hectic. But at the end of the if u have a job in hand den its really worth taking the pain:)

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