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Q. No. : 1
Question :Given any number say 12, find the next multiple of 8 eg 16 using bit-wise manipulations.?
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Q. No. : 2
Question :Write a generic macro swap which can be used for any data types like integer, float, pointer.
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Q. No. : 3
Question :An n-ary tree has n nodes in each internal nodes. Find the no of leaf nodes in such a tree with N nodes?
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Q. No. : 4
Question :Write a function F(x, p, n, y) such that it returns x with the n bits that begin at position p (from LSB) set to the rightmost n bits of y.

Do not change other bits. Both x and y are unsigned integers.
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Q. No. : 5
Question :Find the maximum of three integers using conditional operator ?
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Q. No. : 6
Question :Write a function to find out longest palindrome in a given string.
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Q. No. : 7
Question :There are N nuts and N bolts, all unique pairs od Nut and Bolt
You cant compare Nut with Nut.
You cant compare Bolt with Bolt
You CAN compare Nut with Bolt
Now how would you figure out matching pairs of nut and bolt from the given N nut and Bolt.
The basic soln is O(N^2). Give O(NlogN soln)
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Q. No. : 8
Question :A square Island surrounded by bigger square, and in between there is infinite depth water. The distance between them is L. The wooden blocks of L are given.
The L length block can't be placed in between to cross it, as it will fall in water (just fitting).
How would you cross using these L length blocks.
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Q. No. : 9
Question :Two integers A and B are given, find the no of bits that need to be flipped in A to get B
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Q. No. : 10
Question :A C program that prints itself.
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Q. No. : 11
Question :Difference between malloc and calloc
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Q. No. : 12
Question :How would you dynamically allocate 2D array? Use 2 malloc() and then do the same thing using only 1 malloc().
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Q. No. : 13
Question :Find out if 2 given binary trees are identical (data is same in both trees)
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Q. No. : 14
Question :Merge 2 sorted arrays in constant space and minimum time complexity.
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Q. No. : 15
Question :What is the difference between these two statements
void (*p) (void *a[],int n)
void *(*p[]) (void *a, int n)
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Q. No. : 16
Question :Write an algorithm to print a binary tree level wise and that too from leaves to root. Also only one queue and one stack can be used for the purpose.
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Q. No. : 17
Question :You are given a lot of cuboid boxes with different length, breadth and height. You need to find the maximum subset which can fit into each other.

For example:
If Box A has LBH as 7 8 9
If Box B has LBH as 5 6 8
If Box C has LBH as 5 8 7
If Box D has LBH as 4 4 4

then answer is A,B,D

A box can fit into another only and only if all dimensions of that is less than the bigger box. Also Rotation of boxes is not possible.
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Q. No. : 18
Question :Given a binary matrix, find out the maximum size rectangular sub-matrix with all 1

consider the below binary matrix.

0 1 1 0 0
1 1 0 1 0
1 1 1 1 1
1 1 1 1 1
1 1 1 1 0
0 0 0 0 0

Then the result should be

1 1 1 1 1
1 1 1 1 1
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Q. No. : 19
Question :What is the difference between >> and >>> in java?
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Q. No. : 20
Question :What is transient variable in java?
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Q. No. : 21
Question :What is better Inheritance or Composition and why ?
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Q. No. : 22
Question :What is wrong with this formula to convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit

degF = 5/9*(c+32)
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Q. No. : 23
Question :Find the transpose of a square matrix using recursion
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Q. No. : 24
Question :Convert a binary search tree to a sorted doubly linked list in-place.
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Q. No. : 25
Question :Find the depth of a binary tree.
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Q. No. : 26
Question :Find the next number for a given number without using any arithmetic operators(use bit operations)
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