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Questions for Goldman Sachs (For CS)

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Q. No. : 1
Question :Print a singly linked list in reverse order
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Q. No. : 2
Question :Write me a function that receives three integer inputs for the lengths of the sides of a triangle and returns one of four values to determine the triangle type (1=scalene, 2=isosceles, 3=equilateral, 4=error). Generate test cases for the function assuming another developer coded the function
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Q. No. : 3
Question :5 6 7 8 8 8 8 8 What is the next number in the series ?
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Q. No. : 4
Question :Which is faster ++a or a++?
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Q. No. : 5
Question :What it wrong with this function:
x = new();
delete x;
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Q. No. : 6
Question :Given 2 squares on a 2 dimensional plane, find a line that would cut these two squares in half.
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Q. No. : 7
Question :Suppose you have a 100 files in a directory and you need to find out if a keyword occurs in these files. How would you do it in Unix? How would you do it in Windows?
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Q. No. : 8
Question :Given a cube. A ant is placed in a corner and cannot move. A spider starts from the opposite corner, and can move along cube edges in any direction (x,y,z) with probablity 1/3. What is the expected number of steps for this spider to get to the ant?
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Q. No. : 9
Question :What is: in-order traversal of tree, quick sort in an array
Q. No. : 10
Question :A duck is in circular pond. The duck wants to swim ashore, because it wants to fly off and this particular duck is not able to start flying from the water. There is also a fox, on the shore. The fox wants to eat the duck, but this particular fox cannot swim, so it can only hope to catch the duck when the duck reaches the shore. The fox can run 4 times faster than the duck can swim. Is there always a way for the duck to escape?
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Q. No. : 11
Question :Print Fibonacci series in order of log(n).
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Q. No. : 12
Question :A computer has three registers, A, B and R. It has only three instructions:

A->R : Load R with A

B->R : Load R with B

A-R->A : Subtract R from A and store the result in A

Using these instructions how can you do the follwoing?

B->A : Load A with B
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Q. No. : 13
Question :Design an inventory tracking system using database tables. Customers, inventory, and orders are tracked.

Then, write a query to find an order when you only have a lastname
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Q. No. : 14
Question :What is static method? What is a static initializer?
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Q. No. : 15
Question :Write a method to calculate the acute angle between a clock hour hand and minute hand.
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Q. No. : 16
Question :Template vs. Inheritance. Why use one over the other?
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Q. No. : 17
Question :Given a IP address, Validate the IP address. The IP address lies between []-[] .
IP address is in String, hence you can fetch the characters in the string and move ahead.
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Q. No. : 18
Question :Virtual Functions and its implementation?
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Q. No. : 19
Question :What’s the difference between these two declarations?
struct str1 { … } ;
typedef struct { … } str2 ;
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Q. No. : 20
Question :Find the day of the week of a given date?
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