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Q. No. : 1
Question :Given a stack S, write a C program to sort the stack (in ascending order).
You are not allowed to make any assumptions about how the stack is implemented; the only
functions allowed to be used are: Push, Pop, Top, IsEmpty, IsFull.
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Q. No. : 2
Question :There is a sequence of increasing numbers that have the same number of binary 1s in them. Given n, the number of 1 bits set in each number, write an algorithm
or C program to find the nth number in the series
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Q. No. : 3
Question :You are given have a datatype, say X in C. Determine the size of the datatype,
without declaring a variable or a pointer variable of that type, and, of course without using the sizeof operator
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Q. No. : 4
Question :Given two sets, Write a function to provide the union of them.
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Q. No. : 5
Question :You have m nuts and n bolts, Every unique nut is fit in every unique bolt, Suggest an effective algorithm for placing each nut in each bolt in less no. of passes?
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Q. No. : 6
Question :Write a program in C to store details of 100 books of a library where
each record contains booknumber, book name, bookauthor, publisher,
number of copies,unit cost.
Read the data from an external file.
Implement insertion of new record
Deletion of existing record
modification of existing record
Find the total worth of the library.
Q. No. : 7
Question :There are four dogs, each at the counter of a large square. Each of the dogs begins chasing the dog clockwise from it. All of the dogs run at the same speed. All continuously adjust their direction so that they are always heading straight towards their clockwise neighbor. How long does it take for the dogs to catch each other? Where does this happen? (Hint: Dog’s are moving in a symmetrical fashion, not along the edges of the square).
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Q. No. : 8
Question :Algorithm to partition set of numbers into two such that difference between their sum is min and they have equal number of elements?
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Q. No. : 9
Question :How to call a C++ function which is compiled with C++ compiler in C code?
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Q. No. : 10
Question :How do you initialize a static member of a class with return value of some function?
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Q. No. : 11
Question :If you are given the name of the function at run time how will you invoke the function?
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Q. No. : 12
Question :How does HTTP works?
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Q. No. : 13
Question :What is the difference between COM and CORBA?
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Q. No. : 14
Question :What is web service?
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Q. No. : 15
Question :Explain the Traveling Salesman problem? What is an NP-complete problem? What is the Hamiltonian cycle problem?
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Q. No. : 16
Question :Design a data structure such that given a stream of numbers, you can find the maximum of the numbers at any point and also all the numbers.
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Q. No. : 17
Question :Design an algorithm and write code to find the common ancestor of two nodes in a tree.
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Q. No. : 18
Question :Reverse Each K element in Link List .
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Q. No. : 19
Question :How to find the smallest element in rotated sorted array?

Input 1: array[]={4,5,6,7,8,9,1,2,3};
Output : position of smallest element means here 6 (array starts from zero).

Input 2: array[]={1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9};
Output : position of smallest element means here 0 (array starts from zero).
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Q. No. : 20
Question :You have been given a linked list of numbers.
The size is not know. You need to find out if the number stored
in the list is a palindrome in the best possible optimized manner.
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Q. No. : 21
Question :How to find an element in rotated sorted array?
Input 1: array[]={4,5,6,7,8,9,1,2,3}; element=5
Output : position of the element(=5) is 1 (array starts from zero).

Input 2: array[]={1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9}; element=7
Output : position of the element(=7) is 6 (array starts from zero).
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Q. No. : 22
Question :What is "group by"?
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Q. No. : 23
Question :Swap two numbers without using a temporarily variable.
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Q. No. : 24
Question :How do you programmatically create & terminate a process on linux
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Q. No. : 25
Question :write a program that accepts two mandatory arguments without using any built in date or time functions . The first argument is a string "[HH:MM {AM|PM}" and the second argument is an integer Which denotes minutes. The minutes get added to the string. The return value or output of the program should be a string of the same format as the first argument. For example AddMinutes("10:23 AM", 13) would return "10:36 AM
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