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Company: IBM
Package: 3.25 (LPA)
College: 1, 2001
Branch: 1

Pattern of Written Test

Aptitude Test : 15 Minutes
Quantitative : 4 Minutes
Reasoning / Analytical : 12 Minutes
Verbal English : 0 Minutes
Technical : 0 Minutes
Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:
Questions in the section were divided into 3 subsections one was data interpretation, another was number series
and the third was quantitative.The level of the questions in the three sections was not very high but time constraint
was there. The quantitative questions were also very common and time was also enough in this section

Pattern of Group Discussion

Name of the Topic / Task : Politician Must Be Educated
Time Given : 30 Minutes
Details of the process and your contribution:
The selection process consisted of 3 phases.Written test,GD,PI(Technical),PI(HR). The written test was pretty
good,I thought I could clear it.Followed by it GD (I thought I Couldn't Clear It),Followed by PI (Technical),PI (H.R).
The HR round was tough but I think I impressed a lot in this round.

Technical Interview

Favorite Subjects they asked? I told c,DS,DBMS
First obvious question : Tell something about you?
C & DS - 10 min
1.w.a.p Reverse "IBM" String ?
2.w.a.p reverse number?
3.sorting types? explain some sorting technique?
4.which is best sorting algorithm?
5.what is the time complexity of quick sort? explain procedure?
DBMS - 10 min
6.what is primary key? foregihn key? composite key?
7.what is normal form? explain?
8.what are types of normal forms ? explain?
9.what is join ?types of joins? explain with tables and outputs?
10.write a sql statement to find MAX SAL of employee table?
11.write in Relation algebra ? Tuple Relation ? Domain Relation? explain the above statement with these formal
Networks : 10 min
12.what is network?
13.what is intranet? internet?
14.what is IP? explain?
15.what is LAN ? MAN? WAN? Explain with Example?
16.what are layers? why it is useful? how you communicate with that layers?
17.explain all ISO-OSI Layers? with an application ? example ?
extra related to my subject (Information security) - 5min
18.what is Cryptography?
19.what were specially that you learned apart from your career which is related to subject?
in technical they asked some H.R questions in between.
20. why IBM?
21. do u have any career options?
22.what is your strength?
23.what is your weakness?
24.what is your hobbies?
Project - 5-10 min
25.Came to My Project : Here I Have a Chance to express all my ideas,
they really impressed very much by the way of approaching the problems in the project.
finally do u have any question they asked?
26. what type of projects doing by IBM in various domains?
27. asked about related to the company ?
Wait for Next Round. Some One definitely call you .. I told, Thank You Sir.

HR Interview

H.R Questions : more than 40 min
1.tell some thing about your self?
2.why IBM?
3.Why i need to select you?
4.how your telling that you r best?
6.what is your weakness?
6.can u work under pressure?
7.what types of works you did in Projects? did u worked under pressure at that time?
8.if your manager is given more work what will you do?
9.if the manager is critical & very serious ? then how can you do the work?
10.how you can handle if nobody in your team is not accepting your views?
11.if you had a situation where in your team going to fight? what you will do?
12.what seems you that you differ from others?
13.do u had a situation in real life,where misunderstand came between any to? how solved?
14.in your point of view how the manager will seems to be?
15.if he is not cooperative? then what will you do?
16.if your team people not working then what is your responsibility?
17.will you work , if u give more work?
18.can u relocate?
19.do u have any preference in work-place ?
20.do u have any questions?
21.I asked about Company Environment !!
you have to be Confident in the interview.and they see whether this person is Suitable for this job/not .
HR Finally told, OK. Mr.Sunil Kumar. We Will Meet You Again ,Thank You Very Much. ALL THE BEST.
FINALLY I M IN IBM.Because of this Simple Mantra
---- If You Think "YOU CAN " definitely "YOU CAN"-----


Regardless of which company you are aiming for, C,DS,OS,DBMS are a must .you have to be very strong as these
are the basics for a CSE student and there are some companies which ask only algorithms and others cover all the
CSE subjects.Coming to the interviews stay cool & think aloud so that if u misunderstood the problem ,he will help u
out. All the best c u in IBM.

No. of Candidate applied And Points that Worked in Favour

Initially I was disappointed as I couldn't get through some of the companies which I expected,I would get through
and finally I went for IBM Where Their Area of Work is in Multidimensional .So I felt I chose the right company &
luckily(perhaps) I was selected.

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