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Company: IBM
Package: 3.25 (LPA)
College: 1, 2001
Branch: 1

Pattern of Written Test

Aptitude Test : 45 Minutes
Quantitative : Minutes
Reasoning / Analytical : Minutes
Verbal English : 0 Minutes
Technical : 0 Minutes
Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:
The first section was Data Intepretation which basically consisted of Data Matrices Based on which questions were
The Time Limit for this section was approximately 15-16 mins. The second section was number series and the time
limit for this section was about 4-5 mins. The 3rd section was Quantitative which was given a time limit of about
Except the 1st section , the other 2 sections had a negative marking scheme.

Pattern of Group Discussion

Name of the Topic / Task : Is Education necessary for Politicians
Time Given : 30 Minutes
Details of the process and your contribution:
Initially every person in the group was given 1min to speak on the topic and give their views after which the topic
was open to discussion. The discussion was for about 10-15 mins after which everyone was given another minute
to give their veiws and close the topic.

Technical Interview

1) Computer Networks - My final year project was on networking and so i had to explain the entire project
2) DBMS - Normalization , Queries and PL/SQL
3) Data Structures.
4) Unix - Commands (This was asked during my HR interview)
5) Industrial Management (course taught in 4-2) - Overall description of the subject (Again asked during my HR

HR Interview

1) Tell me about Yourself.
2) Why IBM ?
3) Who is the CEO of IBM?
4) Extra-curricular activites
5) Details of internships/professional experiences
6) Leadership Qualities and if you have any experiance being a leader.
7) For DASA students - Why India ? Wont you get better opportunities abroad? Experience studying in India ?


Since the aptitude tests have negative marking, donot try your luck and answer only those questions that you are
sure of.
Work on your computer science basics because that is the least requirement for the technical interview.( C, C++
,Data Structures, DBMS, Networks and Operating Systems)
For the group discussion, Make yourselves heard and at the same time, give others an opportunity to speak.
For those who lack communication skills, work on them because it is a very important aspect that every company
looks for in an induvidual.
Look confident and think positive and keep smiling because the panel likes to see pleasant faces.
Wish u all good luck !!! :)

No. of Candidate applied And Points that Worked in Favour

The Aptitude papers were very interesting to solve and not boring at all.It was just for 45 mins and hence not very
The group discussion had an easy topic and all that anyone needs to clear this round is to have good
communication skills.
The technical interview went on smooth because I had worked on my Basics and got them right.
The HR interview was good and easy.
Finally after I had cleared all the above rounds, I was called inside to fill the Employment Application forms and
thats when we came to know that we got selected by IBM !!

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