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Company: Coal India Limited(CIL)
Package: 5.7 (LPA)
College: 1, 2001
Branch: 1

Pattern of Group Discussion

Topic was Energy Scenario in India Present and Future.

Technical Interview

Then technical round starting from electrical equipment used in mines.

What type of motors are used in mining and what is basic difference b/w a equipment used in mines wrt to which is used for normal use.

then about mining environment and ventilation . then VT (I have done in Chittranjan Locomotive Works) so a series of questions were there regarding working of locos.
Again turning to Power System what is series compensator.
My paper was got selected for presentation in Manchester. So they asked abt that project as well as final year B.Tech. project.

Finally Probably u have studied Material Science . Yes 'Do you know what is creep'
Me: Sir Right now I am not able to recall exactly but I think its special type of deformation.
OK mr Nooruddin u may go now all the best
thank u sir
n thats all.

HR Interview

First about basic schooling and about my place.
Why did u take electrical engg.
Had u have other options in ISM or only electrical was left


Generally they ask basic technical question. So try to grab good knowledge of your subject.
Zyaada details me jaane ki zaroorat nahi waise bhi maamla jabhi fansta jab aap gyanvarsha start kar dete ho.

No. of Candidate applied And Points that Worked in Favour

Extempore and Interview
Dont know abt rank but my name was on the top of list.
I answered straight forwardly. no fundebaazi.
Agar kuch pata nahi tha to Sorry sir not able recall sir or I'll update my self shortly sir

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