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Company: CTS
Package: 3.01 (LPA)
College: 1, 2001
Branch: 1

Pattern of Written Test

Aptitude Test : -- 60Minutes -- 55Questions
Reasoning / Analytical : -- 35Minutes -- 30Questions
Verbal English : -- 25Minutes -- 25Questions

No. of Candidate applied And Points that Worked in Favour

Hello friends myself Ankur,
I appeared for CTS on campus recruitment on 13th jan.apti paper was really really hard.
specially verbal portion.
so be prepare 4 it.then it was my PI session...
me:may i come in sir?
interviewer:yes plz.
me:good evening sir.
int:good evening..take ur seat.
me:thank u sir.
int:so,Ankur tell me something abt urself.
int:tell me something abt ur family.
int:do u hv any such preference of location?
me:no sir..I dnt hv any such preference of location.I can go anywhere for our company.
int:have u done any project?
me:yes sir..I hv completed a project of loan management system on Oracle PL/SQL.(I wrote DBMS(Oracle PL/SQL) as technical expertise in my CV)
int:ok..means u knw PL/SQL.
me:yes sir.
int:what is procedure?
int:can procedure return the value of any parameter?
me:yes sir.
int:what is RDBMS?
int:what is trigger?
me:told(explained it in d paper)
int:write down structure of a PL/SQL program.
int:how many types of exception are there in DBMS?
int:give me an example of pre-defined exception.
int:explain 2NF.
me:explained with an example.
int:what is cursor?what is the function of it?
me:told n wrote the decalration of cursor.
int:how many types of cursor are there?
int:how many types of keys are in DBMS?
int:difference between primary key and unique key.
int:if a cursor opened bt it is not closed..what will happen?
me:I didnt had proper idea of that ques..bt I was thinking..
int:ok..dnt need to worry..nice to meet u.(formal handshake)
me:can I ask u a question sir?
me:what is the role of freshers in cognizant?
int:told so many things..one point was..u have to face a lot of challege...
me:yes sir..I m ready to face the challenges.
int:ok..then told so many things..
me:sir..can I ask u another ques?
me:how'z my interview?
int:gud...if this is gud 4 u..then also gud 4 me..(then laughed)
me also laughed.
me:nice to meet u sir..thank u sir(again handshake)
out of 358...251 cleared apti n out of them 179 was selected..I was really tensed at the tym result announcement..thank god I was selected..
best of luck.
hope to see u in cognizant.

CpjJwWHV   great work ankur
Wednesday, January 19, 2011, 11:41 am

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