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Company: LnT ECC
Package: 3.3 (LPA)
College: 1, 2001
Branch: 1

Pattern of Written Test

LnT ECC asked top 20 students of EE to appear wherefrom around 14 were shortlisted after the written. The written was entirely aptitude based- quants, verbal ability, logical reasoning and Data Interpretation.

Quants were simple mathematics questions based on profit and loss, simple interest, percentage, ratio proportion, time and work, time and distance etc.

GPA criteria


Technical Interview

Technical-LnT ECC
1. Rotating Magnetic Field.
2. Faraday's Law of Electromagnetic Induction.
3. Len'z Law
4. Luminance and luminous intensity.
5. How will you convert and Analog signal to a digital signal?
6. How is a capacitor different from a transistor?
7. Explain how an inductor stores energy?
8. Len'z Law and its physical interpretation.

HR Interview

1. Your father works in SAIL, will you join him in later stage of life?
2. Why Kota?
3. Why did you go to Kota and what was the environment kind of ?
4. Family Background.
5. M.Tech of MBA??
6. Onsite of in office.

7. About my school and stuffs.


1. Its not only how much you know but its about how you present it to a person who doesnt know the subject at all.
2. Your CV must be up-to-date and must carry atleast 2-3 copies of the same in the portfolio.
3. Confidence is the primary requisite thing for success.
Use pen and paper when ever you feel like to make in then interviewer understand.
Prefer "To the Point Answering" and better leave the questions which you don't know much.
You must look good to the panel and your body speaks a lot for you, so dress in the most decent way one can.

No. of Candidate applied And Points that Worked in Favour


Primarily I feel companies before they get into your CV, they take a quick look on the numbers and grades achieved, so a good GPA helped me initially.

I was confident about the kind of company that I'm suitable to work with which was probably reflected from my attitude during interview.

Robotics achievements was viewed by them which made them ask me stuffs on it.

I did 3 projects works from eminent organisation and revised them.

But ya, its luck afterall that matters a lot because its on the mood of the interviewer, what kind of person is he searching for which might not match with the CV of a scholar even.

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