CpjJwWHV's Interview
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Company: Wipro
Package: 3.25 (LPA)
College: 1, 2001
Branch: 1

Technical Interview

It took place around 1:00 AM in the morning

Inteviewer : What programming languages are u familiar with ??
Me: Sir, Basically I am a designer. I did a lot of web designing in college. But even then I am familiar with C and C++.

Interviewer: Tell me about them.

Me: Told who invented which language in which year, basic differences in both languages.

Interviewer: Tell me something more.

Me: Told about advantages of C++ in details.

Interviewer: Something more..

Me: told in details about approaches in both languages.

Interviewer: Write some program in C.

Me: Which program sir ??

Interviewer: Anyone of your choice..

Me: Ok sir, I'll write a basic program which clearly shows the benefits of pointers in C. (wrote a call by reference program.)

Interviewer: Tell me about Project.

Me: I did my minor project at NPL Delhi. It was based on cesium atomic clock which is first of its kind in india..............................

CpjJwWHV   u mean to say raat mein 1 baje? Because 1 am is that only...
Monday, January 10, 2011, 12:54 pm
CpjJwWHV   Ya that's true.. raat mein 1 baje :P
Tuesday, March 8, 2011, 3:26 am

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HR Interview

HR Interview:

HR: Tell me some quality of you that you have improved after coming to college.

Me: Sir, I was not very social before coming to college. So, I started taking part in each and every activity of college and started interacting people from the very first day. Thus now I have very good social contacts in college.

HR: That's good. Tell me something about semiconductors.

Me: Told.

HR: Do u want to know anything about Wipro ?

Me: No Sir.


1.First of all, be clear with the basics. No interviewer of an consultancy firm will go in deep. They just check your fundamentals and problem approaching attitute.

2.Have confidence. Even if you don't know the answer to a question then say confidently that you don't know.

3.You should have convincing attitude while giving the interview.

4. Atleast do one good project in your 4 years which you can explain with full confidence and confidence will only come when you would really have done the project.

No. of Candidate applied And Points that Worked in Favour

I think the confidence was the single most factor which worked for me. And the confidence came from my previous works. Although my academic record is not good at all but I have good knowledge of somethings and that worked for me.

Of course luck is an important factor. Your selection don't depend solely on it but it may happen that you're not selected purely on basis of your luck.

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