CpjJwWHV's Interview
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Company: CTS
Package: 3.21 (LPA)
College: 1, 2001
Branch: 1

Pattern of Written Test

Reasoning / Analytical : 30 Minutes 30 Questions
Verbal English : 30 Minutes 25 Questions
questions in reasoning part were easy:

coding/decoding,figure prbs,data interpretation, logical deduction nd syllogism..not very tough jst practise is required
now the verbal part it is little bit tough section..one has to do a lot of reading nd improve his/her vocab 2 score good marks in dis section..!! as every enggineer is good in reasoning so improve ur english dat will give u an edge over others..!! in verbal there were 2 passages nd grammatically correct incorrect nd paragraph formation type question..!!
scoring good marks in apti will make ur path easy 4 selection so prep in a very efficient manner..!!

Technical Interview

me-gud evening sir
int-gud eve sit down
int-tell me something about ur family background?
int-what is the difference between IT nd CSE?
int-a program related 2 array nd linked list
me-tried a lot nd den said can't do sir..basically it was half correct
int-dnt wry its a very tough program..u r half rite..!
int-a puzzle 2 solve
int-ur favourite sub
me-software engg

den he asked 3-4 question 4m dere related 2 sdlc nd testing..answered al d question wid confidence..!!

den he asked me 2 tell al d subjects wich i hav studied so far in engg..

me-told nd den he asked about automata..i told sir i had studied automata only 2 pass d xam..he was laughing.. me 2..!!
int-ur favourite language??
me- java
int-what is package??why do we need 2 import package??
int-which package is imported every time we write a java pgm??
me-told..he said good
den he asked a question 4m string buffer..i cudn't answer d question

int-what is interface?
int-difference between protected nd public?

int-thank u nitesh
me-thanx sir..shake hands..!!

for dis round jst prep some basic question on hr like tell me smthing about ur self,family background,why cts,why should i hire u.. nd 4 technical jst study 2 -3 subjects very well nt in much detail bt atleast basics correctly..!!


jst b confident in interview nd b calm nd relax so dat u will talk fluently wid d interviewer..
dnt show ur xtra talent whatever he is asking jst answer dat..try 2 give answer in a polite manner nd if he is saying something listen 2 him very carefully..!!
dnt panic if u dnt knw d answer..jst say dnt knw sir in a polite manner..!!
dnt give anything in d resume which u dnt knw or u dnt hav much idea..prep ur resume in a very simple way..!!

No. of Candidate applied And Points that Worked in Favour

387 sat 4 apti 344 cleared it nd finally 229 got selected..good communication skill,confidence nd knowledge of subjects..nd finally luck worked in my favour..
dnt think about ur sem results they r nt going 2 give u an edge..jst study ur subjects in a good way like..c,data structure,java, software engg nd dbms..nd networking..studying 4 sem is another thing nd prep 4 placement is totally different thing..so improve ur eng by reading newspaper on daily basis dat will help a lot..dnt think only about clearing d cut off..prep 4 apti in such a way dat u can score more marks dat gives an edge..!!

see u in cognizant..!!

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