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Company: infosys
Package: 3.25 (LPA)
College: 1, 2001
Branch: 1

Pattern of Written Test

Reasoning / Analytical : -- 40 Minutes -- 30 Questions
Verbal English : -- 35 Minutes -- 40 Questions

First we went college at 6 am itself..then waited in exam hall..
At 9 am a mam came with applications and papers..
First They gave the Applications..
we are asked to have our files with us.
She gave the applications and gave instructions 1 by 1 slowly and clearly..
we filled perfectly from our marksheets..
then at 9.26 she gave logical question paper and answer sheet..
we wrote our name,col name,and signed in answer sheet..
then we had our photo with us..
while we were writing she came and stapled our application and answer sheet along with photo in the application..
we have to encircle the option and write it in the next column..as 2 , 3 etc..
answer sheet had options for both logical and verbal..we started exactly at 9.26 AM...

Logical was easy..
30 ques 40 min..
two puzzles..
one was find the numbers given their difference..its a gift..
next puzzle is seating arrangement.that too quite easy..
then Syllogisms was easier..surely can get 4/5..
then data interpretation..direct tabular data..easy to calculate.
then data sufficiency.3 were easy..
and finally picture series completion.the easiest of all..can get 4/5..

Mam just reminded us that last 3 minutes left..
I finished before 2 min remaining and checked whether i marked correctly.that over mam gave verbal question Paper..
40 questions 35 mins.
we started exactly at 10.06 am..

8 questions in select the error free best sentence..
i took 10 min to complete it..it was tough for me.
8 in select suitable replacement sentence..it was quite better..
then 8 in fillers..
select the suitable option that makes the sentence complete and without grammatical error..
Then 6 in critical reasoning..it also took some time,but its easy..
finally i had 6 mins left for Comprehension passage..
i finished direct inference from passage (ie see the question->find the statement in passage and answer the question)..
then 4 min left for critical reasoning type Comprehension..(we have to read the whole passage to understand the theme of the passage and then only we can answer the questions)..
i skimmed the passage as it was familiar to me.(it was about astrology.prediction based on planetory position(i had some knowledge in astrology)
so i was able to complete while 2 mins remaining..and checked my answers in the last 2 mins.
Thats it..our tests are over exactly at 10.41 am..mam left us at 10.50 after collecting all the papers..
We all hoped for god..
I felt that logical was very easy and verbal was manageable..of course i managed..

HR Interview

short list Results were announced at 1.45..only few of our classmates were shortlisted..in felt for them..
we were asked immediately to move out of the seminar hall and one sir took all of us for HR interview directly..
we were asked to fill a scholastic sheet..
we have to fill the 10th,12th and degree marks accurately..
we were wearing tie also..
there were more than 5 panels.each panel in different rooms..
interview was 1 on 1..
they first asked our resume copy and scholastic sheet..they pinned it with our application with answer sheet...
I waited for 30 min and finally my time came..

When my name was called, i went and asked "may i come in Sir"..
He was an old man with 60+ age..
He asked "u Mr.Veera Raagavan"..
i said "yes sir.good afternoon sir"..
he said"Take ur seat".i said thank u and sat..
i had my file in hand..
he didnt ask it..
he asked CSE dept ?..
i said yes sir,
Then he asked abt my dad and his business..
i said matrimony business...
he asked whether money is enough for running family..
then asked abt mom..
i said she is having dry chips shop..he said ok..then he scanned my resume..
I put that "Presented a paper '"RFID An Overview" and won first prize"..
he asked abt applications of RFID i said Logistics ,automated toll collection,animal tracking,smart card,inventory control,access control etc. then asked "do you know about RFID conference "..
i said "I saw some websites but didnt hear abt conferences sir "...
he said "its a costly conference"..
then "is there any link between RFID and GPS??"..
i answered " Yes sir,both are similar technology and .both are used for same purpose..
but the difference is ..GPS can be tracked using satellite..But RFID cant do like that..we need readers to be mounted in the path,to identify and track the objects having the tags"..
"How u prepared for this paper..is it a single person preparation"..
"yes sir..i presented as a single person..I searched google for new technologies..
i found this one interesting..i gathered info about its history..first it was used by british army for identifying friend or foe planes...then found the application..finally presented.."..
" Ok veera raagavan, lets come to your exam preparation..
how will you prepare for semester examinations..
how did you prepare for 6th sem exams..
"i am an active listener sir..i will listen carefully in the class...then i will go home and have a glance..i will understand mist of the concepts.."..
"if u have doubt what you will do "..
"i will search in google sir..we are getting the definition for any term in wikipedia..so i will find all information in Internet.."..
"if still you have doubt what you will do"..
"i will consult my staff sir.."
"are they helpful at anytime.."..
"yes sir"..
"are you satisfied with your staffs."..
"yes sir..definitely..its how we behave sir...if we behva good ..they will take care of us nicely sir.."..
"ok veeraraagavan Thank You.."..
"Thank you sir "..then i walked out proudly...


Be Confident...

No. of Candidate applied And Points that Worked in Favour

Then we waited in a room..talking about our interview...
we were waiting eagerly...
for more than 2 hours..in the middle some ppl were called for 2nd interview and 3rd interview as they didnt do HR well..
Then finally we came to seminar hall at 5 pm and waited...
as i am the placement coordinator for CSE department..
i got the golden chance of announcing the results..nothing can get better than that..
i was very happy to read out that i am selected ...
I announced all the selected 114 students names..
first 3 names were gayathri,aarthi and veeraraagavan...
everyone clapped..
it was feeling like heaven..
then i read out all the names with my friend Hari prassad (ECE dept coordinator..He too got placed "" :-) )..
Infosys HR stood in the stage with us and our Placement officer (Living God for us)..3 students were not selected..
114 selected out of 117 (who cleared first round..)...
Finally Infosys HR talked "Welcome to Infosys Family..See you all at Mysore"..
then our PO talked and congratulated us...We all thanked him..
he wished us all the best..

Our first Campus Drive Completed Successfully with tears and joys..
27th september 2011 (Google's 13th Birthday)..was a fantastic day in our life..

all the problems and all the hurdles my parents faced..
(i studied through educational loan) and all the sufferings they had for my studies got its Result..
All the credit goes to my dear parents who encouraged m,trusted me and gave freedom to me..
and loving me more than anything in this world.for their lifetime..
here after i am no more a burden for my family..
I love my parents..
I will take care of my parents and my sister Nicely..

I also thank my friends and colleagues and their parents for their faith in me and their care for me..thank you my dear friends..i love you all...

Last but not least..I thank all my teachers staffs and gurus...who have guided me with care..and trained me for success...
Thank You Sirs,Mams and all My teachers ...
I thank every one who were part of me for these 21 years of my life..
Thank you all

>>>Finally I am proud to be an Infoscion<<<<

CpjJwWHV   hey Infosys offers you any Internship for your college ?
please let me knw the details soon
Tuesday, October 11, 2011, 8:04 pm
CpjJwWHV   hardwork never fails...congrats:)
Saturday, November 26, 2011, 11:08 pm

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