CpjJwWHV's Interview
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Company: Wipro
Package: 2.75 (LPA)
College: 1, 2001
Branch: 1
Pattern of Written Test

Aptitude Test : 50 Minutes 60 Questions
Quantitative : 20 Minutes -- Questions

Verbal English : 20 Minutes -- Questions
Technical : 10 Minutes -- Questions

Technical Interview

Interviewer: Introduce urself from ur job prospect point of view.
I was nt much prepared for this qns
Me: Sir I am a consistent performer. U can see tht from my academic record.
He began to go thru my resume.
Intr: So wht project is this "PIR Sensor based motion detection"?
Me: Explained
Intr: Do u know C or ne other language?
Me: Sir I knw C. And I had Data Structure using C in my curriculam.
Intr: So what is the difference betwn Stack and Queue?
Me: told
Intr: Wht is the difference betwn Array and Linkd list?
Me: Told
Intr: If u r told to work on a completely new technology in which u would nt get much training, wd u like to do it?
Me: Yes Sir, it wd b very much challenging for me. I wd learn the technolofy with all the resources I have.
Intr: Bt won't it b risky for u at the beginning of ur career?
Me: Sir I wd like to live up to ne challenge tht comes in my way.
Intr: I lyk ur ans. Suppose tht u hv bn promoted to a higher post and u r going for a business dealing for Wipro. Now the person with whom u r dealing says tht he will give u the contract bt with some personal benefits. Wd u give tht to him?
Me: Sir I believe tht there are some professional ethics. I wd nt enter such a deal where my dignity and values will b harmd. This deal wd harm Wipro.
Intr: Bt I think Wipro will suffer loses if u dnt gt this deal..
Me: Sir I dnt think so. If I cn b unethical to get a contract, I cn be unethical against Wipro. If the employees of an organization r unethical themselves, the organization wl lose out at one pt of tym.
Intr ws really happy with my ans. I ws selected.

HR Interview

This interview lasted for 1min 40 sec.
HR: Introduce urself
Me: Told
HR: Y do u won't to join Wipro whn u hv an offer from Infy
Me: Told tht I wd lyk to work in the VLSI dept of Wipro
HR: Who has bn ur inspiration?
Me: Told
And I ws selected


B clear with ur tech knowledge.

No. of Candidate applied And Points that Worked in Favour

460 applied, 391 cleared apti and 178 wr finally selected.
Good GPA, Projects, Tech knowlwdge and Confidence wr my plus points.

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