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Company: infosys
Package: 3.25 (LPA)
College: 1, 2001
Branch: 1


I’m Sai kiran reddy. I’m pursuing my B.tech from TKR College of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad.
I attended the campus drive for Infosys, which was held on 20th January, 2012 in my college through Jawaharlal knowledge centre. Totally there are 1201 candidates from 25 colleges participated in this campus drive, which were located in Rangareddy, Khammam and Hyderabad districts. Eligibility criteria is 68% or above 68% without backlogs. Not only for Infosys, if you are competing through JKC means definitely you have to compete with more than 1000 candidates. So you should put your maximum efforts to clear the tests.
Placement pattern for Infosys consists of two rounds:
1) Written test
2) HR.
For the written test you should carry one copy of your resume, passport size photograph, your certificates. Before writing the exam they asked you to fill a form which consists of various questions about you like your 12th standard marks (only 12th standard), do u have spouse, backlogs, gaps in education, eye sight, any reference, if you have their name and their position in the company, criminal cases bla bla bla….
This form only takes 30 minutes to complete.
Now let me discuss about the pattern of written test clearly.
Aptitude reasoning test consists of 6 different topics.
1) PICTURE REASONING (5 questions)

In this section, a series of pictures are given which may consist of picture series, picture analogy or picture classification.

Difficulty level for this section is 2/10.

In this section, sequence questions like seating arrangement or money distribution or height arrangement are given. A set of five questions are based directly on the statements given.
In the exam which I wrote I got this question like this.
Sai, Rakesh, Mukesh, Raju, Madhu are friends. They went to a sweet shop.
Some conditions given like this.
a) Sai ate 7 laddus less than Raju.
b) Mukesh ate 8 more than Raju.
c) Sai and Rakesh ate 17 laddus together.
d) Mukesh and Madhu ate 28 laddus together.
e) Totally they ate 59 laddus.
So based on this passage they gave questions like who ate more laddus and less
laddus etc…. those questions are very easy if you understood the passage carefully.
Difficulty level for this section is 3/10.
3) DATA SUFFICIENCY (5 questions)

Here a set of two statements are given followed by 5 options which satisfy the answer for the statements. You have to decide which option best suits the answer.
By studying the syllabus we came to know that there are no aptitude sections like areas, volumes etc… topics, But they included those topics in this topic wisely.
The question I got in the exam is like this.
What is the area of the hexagon?
Statement 1: The side of hexagon is 6cm.
Statement 2: The angle made by a side of hexagon at the centre is 60 degrees.
I didn’t remember this question exactly. But what’s my intention is just to say if you want to do this question you should know the formula to find out the area of the hexagon, which is related to areas section in quantitative aptitude. So be prepare well…!!
Difficulty level for this section is 7/10.

4) DATA INTERPRETATION (5 questions)

This section consists of a direct sequence of 5 questions based on the data which is provided in the form of table charts, bar charts, pie charts or line charts.
The question I got in the exam is in the form table chart.
Actually I concentrated mainly on other topics, because I found this question is difficult to understand. To solve this question we should convert the given data, which is in $’s into rupees, they gave the table for only one year and given there will be some percentage increases in the next year. So too many calculations… so I left it means I guessed the answers because we don’t have negative marking.
Difficulty level for this section is 8/10.
5) RELATION PROBLEM (5 questions)

This section consists of questions which are similar to the sets and relations like students with biology, mathematics, physics and chemistry, mathematics and biology, only physics, etc., and questions related as such.
The question I got under this section is
A, B, C, D, E and F are six members in a family. Some conditions are given like that.
a) A is most talkative person in the family.
b) B is less talkative than C, F.
c) E is more talkative than D, B.
d) There are four males and two females.
e) No one is widow.
f) Most talkative person marries less talkative person etc…
Like this about 10 conditions were given. So based on this we should attempt the questions like who is least talkative? , Among the given pairs, which pair is correct? The gender of C etc...
Difficulty level for this section is 8/10.
6) SYLLOGISM (5 questions)

This section consists of statement followed by two conclusions. We need to pick out from 5 options, which suit the best answer.
The questions I got under this section are as follows.
1) All men are cat.
2) All cats are bus.
3) All men are bus.
4) Some men are bus.
5) Some cats are bus.

A) 123 B)324 C)234 D)521

The answer is “A”
Difficulty level for this section is 6/10.

The verbal ability test consists of following sections.

1) SENTENCE CORRECTION (8 questions)
Among 4 sentences the correct one should be detected.

Mainly they concentrated on punctuation marks and prepositions. They had given very lengthy sentences. So somewhat time taking but these are easy to answer if you know the grammar well.
Difficulty level for this section is 5/10.

In this section they mainly concentrated on tenses and grammar. Here also lengthy sentences. So time taking guys…
Difficulty level for this section is 5/10.

3) FILL IN THE BLANKS (8 questions)
The paper setter used this section very efficiently. He asked one question on Idioms and phrases, one question on one word substitutes, one question on tenses, one question on prepositions, one question on synonyms and one question on vocabulary etc…
So this section is somewhat difficult….!!
Difficulty level for this section is 7/10.

4) THEME DETECTION (6 questions)
This section consists of a 5 to 6 lines paragraph and we select the correct conclusion among four given options.
This questions are time taking….!!
Difficulty level for this section is 7/10.
A common section in every company’s written test is Comprehension passages. Here we have two passages. Those two are lengthy, But easy to understand. The only thing is you should have time to read these passages. My sincere suggestion is do these passages after completing all the sections.
Difficulty level for this section is 6/10.

My suggestion is for aptitude reasoning test go through R.S. Agarwal books. Coming to verbal test, for sentence correction Objective English by Hari mohan Prasad is good. But for other sections Objective English by R.S. Agarwal is preferable to Hari mohana Prasad.
The universal cutoff for Infosys i.e., whether it is on-campus or off-campus the cutoff for Infosys written test is 18/30 in aptitude reasoning test and 20/40 in verbal test. That means 60% marks in aptitude reasoning and 50% marks in verbal test. Remember sectional cut-off is there.
The exam was completed at 12.30 pm. They announced the result at 3.45 pm. Out of 1201 they selected only 102 candidates, but they divided these 102 members into 2 batches of 50 and 52 members based on their marks. I got 12th position among all the candidates.
Immediately they asked all the selected candidates to come for HR round. Again they gave a form to fill the semester wise B.tech marks. Here they ask one copy of your resume and also sometimes your memos. But they didn’t ask me. Why means if your percentage is about 68 or slightly greater than 68, then only for verification purpose they ask the memos. I have an aggregate of 74%. So they didn’t ask me. After this I was asked to come for HR round. Every HR is of at least 40+ age. They are very friendly… The only thing you should remember is we should not be nervous….!!
Here I’m explaining my Interview experience.
HR: How are you?
ME: Very fine sir, what about you?
(Don’t be afraid to ask the HR “how are you sir?” It gives an impression that you are friendly, jovial. And also we know that first impression is best impression)
After that he asked about my personal details etc…
HR: What are the problems did you face in your mini project? Your role in mini project?
ME: Explained…
HR: Under the skills you have written some words like Self-learner, Creative and Effective team player. Can u please explain?
ME: Explained…
HR: Why you got less percentage in 3-2 than other semesters?
ME: until 3-1 I mainly concentrated on my studies sir. But in 3-2, I thought that after this semester I have to appear for the campus interviews and the companies like you require not only studies but also extra circular activities. So in that semester I gave some PPTS and I made a short film also. I learned video editing myself for that movie. So I got less percentage. But in 4-1, definitely I’ll get good percentage sir.
HR: Do you play games? (Because I mentioned I’m a district player in badminton and volley ball in my resume)
ME: Yes sir, because my father is a physical director so I used to play those games.
HR: Do you have any questions for me?
ME: May I know your name sir….
HR: We shouldn’t tell our name boy…!!
ME: Actually why I asked means sir whether I was selected or not I want to upload my experience into some websites like Indiabix.com etc… So that it will be helpful to someone, who is willing to join in your company.
(So that the HR came to know that the student has helping nature towards others)
HR: Of course, you can upload. But we shouldn’t tell our names boy.
ME: Thank you very much sir…!

I completed my interview at 4 pm. Results are announced at 8 pm. 75 members got selected out of 102 members. I got second position in the list.
My suggestions for you to get succeeded in the Infosys campus recruitment process is
1) Written test is very very important. In that also mainly concentrate on Verbal test.
If you completed the written test successfully, you have more chances of getting a job.
2) While doing verbal test paper in written test you don’t have time to revise it, so be fast…!!
3) While performing the interview you should remember the following things.
Eye contact, tone should be louder, don’t place your hands on the table, while saying something you can move your hands freely, don’t say one word answers, try to explain the answer clearly.
4) If you ask a wrong question or unnecessary question also, try to say why you asked that question, what’s your view behind that question? like what I said for the last question in my interview experience.

Don’t be nervous. I came from Telugu medium. But medium doesn’t play any role only hard work plays.
Remember this quotation.
“If you are excited, you are going to learn something; but if you are nervous, you are going to lose everything”.
Have faith on you.
Be confident and All the best..!!
If you have any doubts or queries mail me at
Thank you…!!

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