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Company: CTS
Package: 3.03 (LPA)
College: 1, 2001
Branch: 1

Pattern of Written Test

The written test consisted of 2 sections. These are :-

A) Logical Reasoning and Analytical Skills (30 Minutes, 30 Questions)

B) Verbal Ability Test (30 Minutes, 25 Questions)

Technical Interview

There was only one Interview Round . A combined Technical and HR Interview. Programs were asked to do in paper.

There were a total of 18 Interview Panels, means 18 interviews were to be held concurrently .... Coming to the Interview Session :-

Me :- May i come in sir ?
Sir :- Yes come in (with a smile)

Sir:- Have your seat
Me:- Thank u Sir ... (with a smile in my face)

Sir:- Ok !! Tell me about yourself ...
Me:- I know that it was a common question in interviews, told about myself, when i was giving my introduction i was remembering my past days when i used to give INTROs to my seniors in college ..

Sir:- Will u have any problem if u are placed in Bangalore or Pune ??
Me:- No sir, it would not be a problem to me.

Sir:- Give me 2 copies of your recent passport size photograph alongwith 1 copy of your CV
Me:- Gave all those neccessary documents.. All these times he was doing his own work..

Sir:- What are your 5 favourite subjects ?
Me:- Told

Sir:- He handed me a sheet of paper, and told me to write a program in C to implement Binary Search...

Me:- Done

Sir:- What is a Binary Tree ? What is Preorder, Postorder, and Inorder traversal ?
Me:- Answered all of them with full confidence ... Here " Confidence " is the main thing... If u have confidence within yourself then nothing is impossible...

Sir:- Good, then what do u know about Normalization? (I have mentioned DBMS as one of my favourite subjects)

Me:- Told with an example

Sir:- What is a DLL ? Implement it with a C program.
Me:- done

Sir:- What is Virtual Memory ? (Operating System was also mentioned by me)
Me:- Told with an example...

Sir:- What is Selection Sort ?
Me:- I was asked to draw one array with numbers in it, and start sorting it out, i asked him whether to do the whole program or just to write the Algorithm ... He told to write the Algorithm, and as such it was done by me ...

After i have given these answers and really have done all the programs that were given to me correctly, it seemed to me that something good i was going to hear ..... Finally the moment came ...

Sir:- Ok Dipanjan, it was a nice pleasure to talk with u .. Iam Selecting you, and your name will be in the list ... (with a smile in his face), finally had handshake with me ...

Me:- Thank you very much sir ....

The results were announced after 3 days, and my name was there in the list !!! It was an awesome moment to me ....

So, finally 69 were selected by CTS from our college and i was one of them ..... Thanks to God !!

Wishing u guys best of luck for your future and .... see you in CTS ... byeee ... :)


DOs :-

1) Try to be as honest as possible
2) Try to be properly dressed and properly behaved
3) Listen to the Interviewer very keenly ...


1) Dont try to show-off in any field, beleive me no interviewer likes show-offs.. :)

2) Confidence is obviously good, but over-confidence may be costly. So try to be confident but not overconfident ....

No. of Candidate applied And Points that Worked in Favour

Hi guys, this is Dipanjan Saha, presently studying at 4th year in Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur, Howrah... Well CTS visited our campus on 24th September, 2012. It was a day one slot, so you guys can already understand how much pressure was there upon me and my fellow mates ..... Nearly about 200 candidates sat for the Aptitude test which was manual , and NOT online ... The Aptitude Test was a bit critical but quite interesting. It consists of Puzzle matching, a series of pictures were given and we were asked to find out the next sequence, given were 4 diagrams, this types of questions.

Out of 200 candidates, 128 were selected for the Interview session .....

3 days after the interview the results were declared, and finally 69 were selected, and I was one of them ... Thanks to God, my family members for their continuous support on me ... :)

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