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Company: PATNI Computer Systems
Package: 3.25 (LPA)
College: 1, 2001
Branch: 1

Pattern of Written Test

Aptitude Test : Minutes Questions
Quantitative : 25 Minutes 15 Questions
Reasoning / Analytical : 30 Minutes 20 Questions
Verbal English : 25 Minutes 30 Questions

GPA criteria

65 throughout

Technical Interview

Tech interview they just asked about my fav sub (os,data struct.)... about virtual memory concept(told)..gave me a series and asked me to make a logic for that
(made).oops concept (told).Raid technology(that my my 1st prize in technical presentation)told.my industrial training (told).nothing was asked from my final year project . but prepare it others were asked.

HR Interview

comman que: about me. strengths weaknesses,aim in lyf after five years. about my higher studies.gave me a offer (if i give u a job and u get selected in a foreign univ mba) i said i have no desire to go for higher studies .. plzz dont get carried away they just want to test ur flexibility and intelligence..
asked me about my prefernce to join : dont tell any location ...
gave me a situation "if u 2 ppl are a team and u have submit a project after two days and ur partner in not doing his part he leaves how will u convince ur boss "
be clever while answering .
ur answer should show ur qualities "like adaptable, manger, not a complainer" say i'll do his work too by staying back etc ..(things u wont do LOL)
i mean keep ur brains open ....

just try to convince him...


a situation was given to us before interview "if i dont enjoy giving my best at my work i'll......"
we had to write it in a page (15-20 lines)

from that ques were asked in HR ...

work on that carefully its not an elimination round but ur qualties are checked from that....

whatever u write explain to him and
he will make u believe that u r wrong ... be calm and prove urself ...


dont be very honest.. if u r a good liar its a plus point u will surely be selected...
if u smoke drink dont just accept it ... they expect certain things from u ..

they dont expect any choices from ur side ur answer should be "i'm ready to join any centre " this shows ur adaptability ...

keep a smile on ur face

dress : formals clean well ironed well groomed hair ... polished shoes .. greet him cheerfully ..

ask him que when he asks u to ....(dont ask about salary ... igate merger etc..)

ask about future growth options.... l1 certification...

No. of Candidate applied And Points that Worked in Favour

it was a pool for our college 57 went 21 were selected finally...

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