CpjJwWHV's Interview
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Company: accenture
Package: 3 (LPA)
College: 1, 2001
Branch: 1

Pattern of Written Test

Aptitude Test : 60 Minutes
Quantitative : 20 Minutes
Reasoning / Analytical : 20 Minutes
Verbal English : 20 Minutes
Technical : 0 Minutes
Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:
Quantitative questions are based on simple math learnt in tenth class like algebra,profit&loss, probability,simple
interest etc ,reasoning requires some time but can be done if u have enough practice. Verbal questions are easy
too,simple questions are framed on prepositions,sentence completion,fill in the blanks with the correct word etc.For
students who take cat coaching aptitude paper would be very easy to crack.

Pattern of Group Discussion

Name of the Topic / Task : Is 33 percent reservation for women justified?
Time Given : 10 Minutes
Details of the process and your contribution:
The GD was among 15 members.No interruption on part of the moderator. I started off the discussion and gave my
initial views. Then asked others to contribute. Mainly only 4 or 5 guys spoke exclusively well. Others were given a
chance to express themselves but didn't make much of an impact. I also wrapped up the discussion. Finally about 5
guys from our group were shortlisted for the interviews.It is very essential for students to speak and express their
views in GD,those who do not are usually ignored or asked to conclude and generally are not selected for further

Technical Interview

Was asked about pointers, classes, structures and some basic programs in c++.The interviewer also asked me
"what is a database","what is a networking",technical interview was also more or like hr interview but with bits and
pieces of technical questions like the difference between C and C++ ,what is inheritance,what is polymorphism...

HR Interview

Hr interview was awesome as it dealt with a gamut of topics ranging from music to the no of girlfriends i had in the
past.The standard questions asked were 1)why accenture 2)why are u preferring IT to chemical engg 3)what are
your hobbies 4)Did you participate in any extra curricular activities. Questions pertaining to your resume about your
projects or trainings, achievements will be definitely asked. The HR may also ask you why accenture why not ms or
cat.Some panels may ask about your strengths and weaknesses.


The whole experience was good.One after the other they finished off the ppt, then the aptitude test.Group
discussion and interviews were at Hyderabad and it was gruesome to travel to bhoj reddy's women college.Group
discussions were not very well moderated compared to the previous GD's i attended. Both rounds of interviews also
done reasonable fast. Whole selection was over in one evening itself. They picked people more who were fluent in
interaction (HR skills).


Relax and converse well. Do not feel threatened in the Group discussion. Ease your way in. Ample amount of time
to start
off slow and then get involved. Tech interview and HR are very easy. If you've done extremely well in your GD,
might be looked aside.Cat coaching definitely helps in cracking aptis.The companies mainly check your confidence
and attitude when subjected to stress.Do not bulge to stress and the most important thing in an interview is DO
NOT BLUFF or speak negative about yourself which affects your personality.If bluffing is inevitable bluff in a
confident way, finally luck is the most important factor in placements.

No. of Candidate applied And Points that Worked in Favour

luck and mine confidence helped me...

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