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Company: NTPC Ltd.
Package: 8 (LPA)
College: 1, 2001
Branch: 1

GPA criteria

shortlisting on the basis of cgpa...

Technical Interview

First of all they
asked me what are all the subjects in which i am perfect.I said them
all related to Power Systems.One of the interviewer asked me if i had
touch with Power Electronics.i said i had idea..then he asked me about
applications of thyristor and why is it used..
quetions asked were:
Which is the extensively used motor in general?(in general it is I.M)
Draw the speed torque characteristics of I.M
Define slip,synchronous speed and how does sync speed depends on no of
What happens to speed of I.M if load is increased?
Why should not be the slip not zero in I.M?(finally asked me entire
working principle of I.M).[This is where i impressed him that he said
me very good].
What are the protections used for a generator?(I listed all the ones i
have studied.While i was saying about relay for protection for failure
of prime mover of generator ,the interviewer asked me why the
protection of generator should be used given that drawing of power from
bus bar is allowed....i was little struck here..but to my luck the
other interviewer interrupted and asked me following questions ]
How do you determine direction of rotation of motor using hands?(F.L.H
What is U.P.S?where is it used?(uninterrupted power supply)
Do you know about 'variable frequency drives' ..(actually this from
subject which we were taught in 4-1 and still not taught..i said the
same to them)
What are the various precautions to be taken to connecting transformers
in parallel?

HR Interview

The first part of the interview was H.R
they asked me to tell about my family back ground and my schooling


first thing when
you are for the interview you should know of yourself..The most general
question in any interview is "tell me about yourself"...
Be strong with your basics...Most probably you may be asked for
favorite subject.So, you need to be it careful while picking up your
subject...The thing is you need not answer all the questions but your
answers should not mess up with basics...Answer with confidence the
questions you know and at the same time be sincere to say "i don't
know" when you don't know the answer...Never try to bluff the panel...Rather you can answer in such a way that
the interviewer moves to a topic in which you are familiar.
If you have have any projects or IT..you should have thorough knowledge
of them.Don't panic if you don't have any projects but if you have see
that you are well prepared in that...(i did not have any project except
Be careful while answering HR questions..they may ask questions like
"what would you do if we do not offer you job" It's better to say them
that i would try through offcampus...that shows your loyalty.Do not
disclose any of your B school plans or GRE plans even they ask for
it.say them that you are interested in job and not in further
studies...You can refer to net for many HR questions asked in
You should have knowledge of the company you are going to attend before
hand.That helps you a lot..
For EEE guys you better read PSP and Power Systems thoroughly before
going to interview.
One last thing is that the interviewer asks if you hava any questions..then try to ask some questions rather than
saying no questions..ask some relevant questions..
K guys bye...
all the best for your future career..
BH.V.Satya Jagadish

No. of Candidate applied And Points that Worked in Favour

The interview for eee
guys was scheduled on 27th.I had to wait all the first day for my
turn..but i was informed that my interview was on next day...even i
waited for my friends interview and asked how were the interviewers and
what all questions they were asking..My friends told me that they were
asked simple questions regarding basics..So, i felt comfortable and
slept...I am the 2nd person to be interviewed on the second day..while
the first guy was sent inside i was made to sit alone..So, i was little
tensed sitting alone..After 15 minutes i was called for the interview
..there were 7 people siting in the panel with the chairman at the
center...Starting from the first question i answered the questions with
confidence with a supporting reason for my answer...This was why i
impressed the panel(explanation of principle of I.M).
The thing i need to stress you guys is that i was the 2nd from the last
in general category shortlisted...So,i say i say that even you don't
have cgpa your selection can be influenced by your performance in
interview..Of course having cgpa doesn't hurt..it plays am important
role in PSUs..
I was interviewed only for 10 minutes..but everyone was interviewed for
minimum of 15-20 minutes..So the duration of interview has nothing to
do for your selection...

CpjJwWHV   thank u very much for sharing ur experience.....
Sunday, October 3, 2010, 12:42 am

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