CpjJwWHV's Interview
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Company: NTPC Ltd.
Package: 8 (LPA)
College: 1, 2001
Branch: 1

GPA criteria

shortlisting on the basis of cgpa...

Technical Interview

Your maximum capacity to lift a weight may be 50kgs.If you were asked to lift a 500kg weight how will you do
it?Can cast iron be welded? Types of welding which you perform in your lab;difference between brazing and
Principle of working of a generator, what happens when the generator coil is kept stationary and the magnets are
made to move? what happens in the reverse case..ie; magnets kept stationary and the coil moves? Which one of
the above is an efficient process of electricity generation and why? Principle of working of a transformer, Why do we
use a transformer?What happens to the power when the voltage is stepped up and stepped down? Most efficient
and least efficient components in a thermal power plant, what are their values? What is approximately the efficiency
of a thermal power plant? why do we obtain such a low value of efficiency? Second law of Thermodynamics.Energy
losses in a Thermal power plant.
What is the pH value of boiler feed water? What happens if the water is acidic?
Suppose you have shortage of condenser cooling water, as an engineer what is your solution to this problem?
Generally why don't we employ air as a cooling medium? Mode of heat transfer in a condenser?
Name a few Hydraulic turbines? What is the difference between Hydraulic turbines and Gas turbines?

HR Interview

From which place are you? Tell me about your parents, your journey to NIT Warangal. Why did you choose
Mechanical Engineering? Are you ready to work in a Hydel power plant? What is the role of NTPC in the KG Gas
Basin controversy?


Prepare well the basics in thermodynamics,heat transfer, various power cycles (Rankine, Carnot, Brayton cycles).Be
strong at least in one area of your interest. Wish the panel members as you enter the room and thank them before
leaving the room. Be confident while answering and don't hesitate to tell direct (of course a humble) "I don't know"
or "I don't remember it properly" whenever you don't know something.
Prepare well,be cool and confident,do your best and the rest follows.........ALL THE BEST!!

No. of Candidate applied And Points that Worked in Favour

we were shortlisted on the basis of our cgpa. There was only technical interview in which a few HR questions were
My interview lasted nearly 40 minutes.(Don't worry!!!. generally it lasts 15-20 minutes.)The panel consisted of 6
members.They were all very friendly and made me feel comfortable through out the interview.First they started
asking general HR questions and then slowly started asking technical questions.As I have done my Industrial
Training in a Power plant, I was very confident while answering the questions.I didn't know that I was in the
interview room for such a long time but I felt like it was 10 minutes.It was only when my friends told me, that I
came to know about it.(Now one imagine how amicable they were).I answered to most of their questions and I was
satisfied about the interview and was confident of my selection.

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