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Company: NTPC Ltd.
Package: 8 (LPA)
College: 1, 2001
Branch: 1

GPA criteria

There was no written test. Candidates were short listed for interview based on CGPA.

Technical Interview

Both HR and technical interview was combined. Asked my favourite subjects.The technical questions asked were as
follows . 1. Explain Rankine cycle 2. Which cycle is used for power generation from gas? 3. Efficiency of a Rankine
cycle and how can you improve the efficiency of Rankine cycle. 4. Compare efficiencies of Rankine and Brayton
cycle. 5. Explain the different classification of turbines. Since I told my favourite subject as vibration analysis they
asked me questions from condition monitoring. 6. What are methods of condition monitoring. 7. Explain how
condition monitoring is done using vibration analysis. 8. How do you measure amplitudes and frequencies of any
vibrating element? 9.How do you separate different frequency components in vibration measurement?

HR Interview

Some of the HR questions asked were as follows. 1. Tell me about your family, school. 2. Why did you choose NIT
Warangal and why not other NIT and why Mechanical? 3. What are your future plans? 4. Why do you want to go for
a job now? 5. Why not higher studies? 6. Why do you want to work in public sector? 7. How many job interviews
have you attended before? (tricky question).8. Are you willing to work anywhere?


I would advice you to identify your tastes and interests and accordingly sit for a company. There are lot of
opportunities. So decide which one suits you the most. While attending interviews try to prove yourself that you are
really interested in that field. Prepare your resume well. While telling about your favourite subject tell a subject
based on the company profile and don't just tell a single subject, tell two or three. Be thorough in your basic
subjects. Present yourself neatly. Answer the HR questions carefully. They will look to trap you there. Finally don't
worry much. Each interview is different and varies from person to person and this is just an example. WISH YOU

No. of Candidate applied And Points that Worked in Favour

Interview was very easy. They didnt go much deep into the subject. They just asked basics. The interview panel
were very friendly and very responsive too. They appreciated the way I answered. Since I did my training in a
Nuclear Power Plant it was an added advantage. They got an impression that I knew about a power plant. They
were kind enough to ask my favourite subject. I was able to prove them in every answer I gave in HR interview that
I was interested in power plant. It's very important.

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