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Company: CTS
Package: 3.05 (LPA)
College: 1, 2001
Branch: 1

Pattern of Written Test

no quant

30 questions and 40 mins for reasoning part:

5 questions on figure series,5 question on find d odd one out figure quesstions.

logical deduction,
data interpretation based on a pie chart and a table combined but it was easy...pie chart denoted %age and table actual figures sort f.

5 questions from coding decoding
i remember thre was a puzzle smwhat like this;
thre s a 3X3 matrix cntaing numbers 0-9.
1st column only even numbers.
1st row adds up to 17 and last row ads up to 13
7 is in column abve 4.
now thre wre qstns based n these

for the english section.

45 questions in 35 min

2 comprehensions.
one was common from the gplassets practise papers ..related tu pterosaurus flying reptile or bird..passage was same but nt the qstns..
2nd para was based on a guy and his chidhood
whre he was allowed tu have 1 4 rs. cone unlike his friends whu wre allowed tu have two 2 rs. cone

sentence corretion:
like replace the underlined part with most suitable one

find out the correct and incorrect sentence(s)
from given options .rememer thre wre multiple options like (i)ac (ii) bcd etc.

filling the blanks with most meaningful words:

no questions on syylogism ,synonym or antonym

i found the english paper tough

a word of caution:
b4 the test strts a form is given whre u fill in ur academic details ,ur address etc...

it also contains questions like ur strength ,y cognizant etc .
write smthng or they wont check ur paper.
my suggestion carry a chit wid u whre u have jotted down your
GPa,CGPA,YGPA, board marks(aggregate,best of 5/4 wateva). it saves lotsa tym
also carry ur photographs glue etc..u nva know wat u may need.


Technical Interview

wateva u write in ur cv b prepared from dat syd..but sme f my friends wre also asked qstns beyond dat.so my advice du read imp part of subjects u din mention.

like i mentioned C,JAVA,DS,DBMS
(prepare sql queries if u r mentioning dbms)

read sftware enginnering:
SDLC and testing(u r xpected tu know this because being in final year u have wrkd on projects)

netwrking: layers only ..i din get mre tym fr dat.

OS: simple scheduling and synchronization concepts

COMPiler: ony the phases

trust me if u have read them well in ur semsesters it can b done within 2 3 hrs for a cursory revision

prepare well from ur projects side:
even better practise answer tu questions like wat was ur project/temme smthng abt it/difficulties faced,front and back end/scope for improvement/ur role

personally i was asked questions like
wat is primary key,foreign key

sql query whre find out employee haven 5000<salary<10,000

further i was asked tu extend the query tu select their managers from other table .
employee(id,name,salary,project no.)
manager(project no.,manager name)

i was aske

that shud suffice

HR Interview

they have a single round of interview whre they myt ask u technical only,HR questions only or both together

my interview was of the third kind.

he started wid temme about urself like ur school,hobbiies ,activities,parents etc.

then went for technical part
and finally abt my projecct(i told only overview,nt d details)

dat was it

best of luck friends
for ne query
cntct me through

http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/profi le.php?id=1373993319

samuel jackson


du start prepariing for written round as early as possible, as it is d frst step tu success.
being enginnering students we are gud at quant and reasoning,but sme are weak at english..so improve it..it defnitly gives an edge.

rehearse some probable questions about the hr round..trust me u will nt make a gud impression if u go for the interview straightaway no matter how gud u r at communication.thre are chances u wil FUMBLE IF U DN PREPARE/

kip collecting information form thers as it does helps..though nt much

b presentable...dress well ,clean shave and all du matter..



No. of Candidate applied And Points that Worked in Favour

249/360 for the interview..finaly 179 cleared

gud knowledge of subjects mentioned, good speaking skills and above all confidence

CpjJwWHV   thnxx 4 sharing........
Friday, March 9, 2012, 12:32 am

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