CpjJwWHV's Interview
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Company: LnT ECC
Package: 3.5 (LPA)
College: 1, 2001
Branch: 1

Pattern of Written Test

Aptitude Test : 60 Minutes
Quantitative : 20 Minutes
Reasoning / Analytical : 20 Minutes
Verbal English : 20 Minutes
Technical : 0 Minutes
Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:
There were 3 sections:
1. Verbal (25) : fill in the blanks with prepositions, 3 comprehensions
2. Reasoning (25) : typical reasoning q's like what's the next picture to follow in the series...
3. Quantitative (25) : Questions from probability, time and distance, time and work etc. Refer Aptitude by
the total time was 60 mins.
the total q's were 75.

Technical Interview

Technical questions asked were:
1. Difference b/w fire and water tube boilers
2. What is super-heating ?
3. Till what extent will you superheat the steam before it is introduced in the turbine
4. Why is feed water used in power plant treated and how? (ANS: to prevent scaling, corrosion , pH >=7 ..etc)
5. A hollow shaft and a solid shaft are given the same torsion. A hollow shaft can withstand higher stresses. Why
?(ANS: torsion formula)
6. A piston-cylinder arrangement is shown.
Air is entering through both the valves in equal amounts i.e. the air pressure on either sides of the piston is the
same. Will the piston move ? If yes which side and why ?(ANS: left side F=P*A; area on left side of piston is less)
7. A cycle pump is used to pump a tire. After pumping for a long time the pump is left in its position for 3-4
hours.Will the position change or not ? Why ?( think thermodynamics )
8. Where can you find the use of an I section ?Why is it used ?(ANS: section modulus is the highest, railway tracks)
Questions 1-4 were asked based on my training.

HR Interview

HR and Technical was together and it was taken by a single panel member.
First I was asked the most question that all interviews usually start with - tell me about yourself ?
I used this question's answer to steer my interview. I talked about my strengths indirectly, then went on to explain
what trainings and projects i had done. I was asked a few questions regarding my co-curricular activities like NCC
and then was asked about my training and from there technical interview started.
Before the interview we were asked to fill up a form asking for: address, c.g, which department you would like to
join, favorite subjects, projects, trainings, co-curricular activities, hobbies...etc


For aptitude practice R.S.Agarwal. Usually aptitude questions are easy but due to time constraints it is difficult to
solve all the questions. This requires Good PRACTICE. Practicing apti and keeping it in touch will help to reduce time
taken per question.
For technical interview be thorough with atleast 1 favorite subject and training.
To be thorough with the mechanical engg. basics go through Elements of mechanical engg. by Mathur Mehta Tiwari.
L&T is a good core company to start your career with. If you want to gain experience and if you want exposure this
is one of the best place to be in.
Best of luck !!!

No. of Candidate applied And Points that Worked in Favour

The aptitude was easy but time management was important as there was sectional cut-off for each section.
In the interview i made sure that i was asked regarding my trainings and project. I could answer almost all
questions regarding the trainings and also explain many practical things not given in the books . So please make
sure you are thorough with your training or project topic basics. The interview went for 30 mins.

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