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Company: TCS
Package: 3.15 (LPA)
College: 1, 2001
Branch: 1

Pattern of Written Test

Aptitude Test : 0 Minutes<br />
Quantitative : 40 Minutes<br />
Reasoning / Analytical : 20 Minutes<br />
Verbal English : 30 Minutes<br />
Technical : 0 Minutes<br />
Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:<br />
verbal -> 10 synonyms , 10 antonyms, 2passages(5 qns each)<br />
quant -> 35 questions... most of them are based on 10th class and 12th class maths..<br />
reasoning -> 4 passages which includes some conditions(ex: A and B are brothers, C is Father of B.. etc) are given,<br />
5 qns each<br />
each section have their own time limits. once you end a section, u cant go back to that section.<br />
No negative marking<br />
Reasoning part is very lite.. it can be completed in 10 to 12 min.<br />
Even thoug the quant part is easy, it needs some practice for attempting all qns.

Technical Interview

Covered all the subjects<br />
c and c++ :<br />
1. what are the 4 concepts of OOPS.. and a small explaination for each.<br />
2. Implement run time overloading of the function.(he provided some sample code).<br />
3. how you will allocate and remove memory in c and c++ (malloc, free, new , delete).. write syntax.<br />
4. What are the different storage classes in C++(i said only 3, he gave clue for the remaining 2)<br />
5. Differences between structure and class<br />
6. How can you access protected members of a class in another class(concept of friend functions)<br />
7. Why the indexing in arrays starts from 0, why not 1 or any other?<br />
DS:<br />
1. provided some linked list. insert a new node, search and delete node based on condition.<br />
2. what are the different sorting algorithms?<br />
DBMS<br />
1. How will u remove redundancy in the data?<br />
2. Explain 1nf, 2nf, 3nf<br />
3. different joins of tables.<br />
4. How will u insert a new column which is not null.<br />
5. He gave some table and conditions. He asked to write a query for that condition.<br />
OS<br />
1. what are the different scheduling algorithms<br />
2. what is segmentation.<br />
3. explain Fragmentation in detail.<br />
and 1 or 2 basic qns which i dint remember<br />
Networking<br />
1. What is current version of IP going on(theoretically and practically)?<br />
2. What are the full forms of IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, CSMA/CD.<br />
3. What is the difference between TCP and UDP (the only ans the interviewer expected is "connected and connection<br />
less".. except that sentence, i've explained all the remaining parts of tcp and udp.)<br />
Network Security<br />
1. How will u provide security to the data in a network.(ans is just "encryption")<br />
2. Different security algorithms?<br />
3. Full form of RSA.(interviewer is smiling, when he asked this qn)

CpjJwWHV    tcs itna puchta hai hmare yahaan to yese hi le gaya..
Saturday, January 15, 2011, 12:48 pm

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HR Interview

He asked 3 or 4 Technical qns also in this interview.,(i'm lucky here, he asked the same technical qns from my tech<br />
interview)<br />
1. Tell your family background. (then he asked some technical questions after this)<br />
2. Why your CG is low(7.01). You have excelled in 10th and +2 level, What happened in B.Tech?<br />
3. I've cubes of 1cm side each. How many such cubes i need to make a larger cube of 9 cm side each.(i explained<br />
,the cases of solid and hollow cubes).<br />
4. Extra curricular activities? what are the different committees in technozion, what's your job in it?(he asked this<br />
question after looking at resume).<br />
5. Talk continuously for 2 to 3 min on the topic "Recession".(i din't perform well at this qn)<br />
6. What are your hobbies? ( i said some hobbies which included reading novels).<br />
7. what's your last novel? can you explain the gist of the novel. (He asked this because he wants to test my<br />
vocabulary and talk continuously for some time. i did well this time)<br />
8. Which one you think you can do well in, Technical or Management?<br />
9. Why TCS?<br />
10. What do u expect from TCS?<br />
11. What position do want to be in TCS after 5 or some years?


They dont need any exact answers. they are just testing for your approach.<br />
They just look for how much u can excel in basics.<br />
Be confident in your answers(but don't give unrelated answers).<br />
For cse students: As they are the bulk recruiters, Unless you screw your interview badly you will not get selected.

No. of Candidate applied And Points that Worked in Favour

The interviewers are very friendly( tech 2-members, HR 2-members).<br />
At first, i felt a little tensed while going to interview, but after answering some 2 or 3 questions, i've totally involved<br />
in answering the questions.<br />
In the technical interview, i'm unable to catch the basic point of answering the question. so, he asked some other<br />
questions, which i've answered. Then he said,"this is the clue for the previous qn, now answer it".

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