CpjJwWHV's Interview
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Company: CTS
Package: 3.05 (LPA)
College: 1, 2001
Branch: 1

Pattern of Written Test

Aptitude Test : 0 Minutes
Quantitative : 0 Minutes
Reasoning / Analytical : 30 Minutes
Verbal English : 20 Minutes
Technical : 0 Minutes
Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:
assessments were done by MERIT TRAC.U can get sample questions 4m the net. The questions were relatively easy
as compared to TCS & INFOSYS. They focus too much on ur English...ur grammar should be good enough to get
thru it. Attention to detail had about 7-8 questions on odd man out. other sections' questions include sentence
completion, finding the grammatically correct sentence,2 comprehension passages followed by 5 questions
each,etc. Around 330 students appeared 4 d test out of which 107 were shortlisted 4 interview n finally 54 were

Technical Interview

no technical interview..

HR Interview

There was only one round of interview.For CS, ECE n EEE,technical was asked along with HR. ....n it was mostly HR
for non circuit branch students. However, u may face some tech. ques. if u tell them dat u have done some course
on c++, java, etc.....bt they r just basic ones i.e., he asked just definitions coz wn he asked me abt my
programming skills, I told him that I had done a course in c++, he asked things like what is c++, what is pointer n
what is object oriented programming.He began d interview by asking me abt d test...like which section was d best4
me...etc,abt my schooling, then asked where did I stand in my class.Then he asked me what is biotech, what all
subjects I had studied; 4m d subjects i had told, he asked me to define molecular biology..n then took 'molecule'
4m the definition n asked me wts a molecule, followed bt wts an atom..again came back to mol. biology...then
asked me what is DNA? He then asked me y did i want to go into software industry, being a biotech student n what
did i know abt their company, abt d recent movie I had seen n asked me to describe d best moment of my life
saying that he just wanted to check my narration skills.He gave me one puzzle also saying that so far, none of the
students had been able to solve that, he wanted at least some1 to solve that...I took around 2 mins...then gave up.
Finally , he asked me abt the preferred place for relocation.


The most important thing is ur confidence....be confident in wtevr u say...dont take too much time 4 replyin, if u
dont know abt something , tell them frankly n honestly...they just check ur communication skills n English. Dont get
nervous.. if they pose questions after questions by selecting a word from ur own answer..dont use any word which
u r nt sure abt....u may get urself trapped. Finally, be honest while answering. For relocation, dont say any
particular place as long as they dont stress atleast 3 times...maintain eye 2 eye contact. Dont panic if some
unexpected ques. is posed..just answer confidently n honestly. For apti, there is no special need 2 prepare...u can
crack it provided ur english grammar should be good. Also, dont waste time in reading comprehension passages
....leave them....n do other questions...if time permits..u can do them afterwards. If u want to prepare...u can refer
R.S. AGRAWAL, freshersworld.com or ny other site ....or more preferably merittrac ques. available on d net. U will
automatically get other suggestions when u read d details abt d interview n experience. Finally, sorry 4 being so
lengthy...its one of my weaknesses. ALL THE BEST TO ALL OF YOU. Hope v'll meet next year @CTS.

No. of Candidate applied And Points that Worked in Favour

It was a wonderful experience as it was my first interview . Initially, I was very tensed abt d technical part bt as I
got feedback 4m d students whose interview was over that its mostly HR....I felt somewhat relieved. It was
surprising when he began to ask techies 4m my field....albeit all of them were just basics...bt still- I had never
expected such ques. n as such was not mentally prepared...evn in c++ , all 3 ques. were basic definitions bt i
thought he would ask some conceptual or coding questions...but luckily , I answered almost all of them confidently.
What I am trying to emphasize is- prepare well d definition part also, if time permits, apart 4m conceptual n coding
ques....coz at times...u know abt something bt are not able to define it properly...especially coz of stress factor
during interview.

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