About Us

Young talented resource is key driving factor for any industry in the fast growing Indian market. Searching and acquiring very talented fresh graduates is costly, time consuming and herculean task for human resource team. We provides employers a web based highly effective streamlined hiring process across the nation by sitting at their office. We provides employer an opportunity to test and hire very talented fresh graduate which is right now impossible. We make it easy, affordable and painless to shortlist and conduct interactive online examination of fresh graduate across the nation in least amount of time and money and with best quality.


  • 1. GPL4You.com is a web based platform “nurturing the dream jobs” for the fresh graduates while reducing recruitment cost, time and attrition rate for the companies.
  • 2. Unlike other job site we provide interactive platform for student for fulfilling their career aspiration and reliable and effective interface between company, college and student for streamlining fresh graduates recruitment process.
  • 3. Our services is tailored for fresh graduates looking for their dream jobs and companies looking for best young talent across the nation.



  • Best Talent
  • Satisfied client
  • Low training cost
  • Low attrition rate
  • Easy hiring process
  • Reduction in hiring cost >90%
  • More revenue in long run