Aditya's Interview
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Company: Cairn Energy India Limited
Package: 9.5 (LPA)
College: ISM, Dhanbad, 2010
Branch: Petroleum Engineering

Pattern of Written Test

A written test was conducted to test the technical proficiency of the candidates. All the students of the branch were eligible to sit in the test.

Pattern of Group Discussion

26 applicants were selected out of the 55+ applicants who sat for the written test. Only the marks secured by the candidates was the shortlisting criteria. No allowances in the marks were given to any student.
The selected students were divided into 3 groups. I was in the 2nd group. We were given the topic ,"India's Stand on Carbon Emission Control". The time allotted was 12 minutes for each group.

From the GD round, 18 applicants were selected for the interview.

GPA criteria

There was no criteria for the shortlisting of students for the written test.

Technical Interview

Technical Questions:-
The technical questions were mostly the ones that I had answered in correctly in the written test. The written test comprised of three sections- drilling, reservoir, and production. I had answered all the questions of the production and reservoir sections correctly but couldn't answer several drilling questions.
As I entered the interview room, they asked me the department i would prefer to work. When I said production department, they asked if I was given drilling department would I still be willing to work for them. When I said yes, they started firing questions from the written test that I was unable to answer and questioned my credibility to work as a drilling engineer. By that time, I had known what I did wrong in the written test through the discussions with the other candidates and came to know about the correct answers. Also, I showed them that I had the willingness to learn much more about my field. They were pleased with my answers. As I was the highest ranked among the applicants, they didn't ask a lot of technical questions as they were sure of my knowledge

HR Interview

A no. of HR questions were fired at me. There 1st question was that whether I would be able to work in the physically demanding conditions of the Thar desert in Rajasthan where we were to be stationed after the recruitment.
Then they asked the universal question, "tell me something about yourself."
Their next question was, "if there is someone who is bothering you and interfering in your work, then how would you tackle the situation"
Then they wanted to know if I wanted to go for higher education in the near future.
They asked me about my strengths and weaknesses.
Their last question was, "where do you see yourself in the next 5 years"


1, British Gas India

1. Don't let the interview board have an impression of yours as being higly nervous.
2. Whenever you feel anxious or nervous, take deep breaths to control your anxiety. This suggestion was given to me by a friend just a day before the interview and it did wonders for me.
3. Be confident during the interview. There might be a case where 2 or 3 persons would be asking questions simultaneously. At this point, just maintain your cool and don't panic.
4. Get the basics right. Prepare your technical in te best possible way. For HR questions, never give any answer that gives the interviewer a chance to reject you. consult a standard book for the HR questions.
5. Remain in touch with the latest happenings around the world as tehy might be the topics in the GDs. For this, regularly go through the newspapers.

No. of Candidate applied And Points that Worked in Favour

55-57 students sat in the written test.
My departmental rank was 1st among the applicants. I scored the 3rd highest marks in the written round.

Good gpa is always helpful in the selection process. It implies that the student is technically sound. Even if you stumble over some questions in the interview stage, a good gpa sees you through in the technical interview.
I had done my summer internship at the end of 3rd year at Cairn. My project work in that period was greatly appreciated. This helped me a lot.
My past achievements presented my image as a hard working individual which worked greatlu in my favour.
Confidence was the key to my success in the interview stage. I was always confident of making it through the selection process.
Luck also favoured me that day a lot.

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