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Company: Aricent
Package: 3.5 (LPA)
College: ISM, Dhanbad, 2010
Branch: Electrical Engineering

Pattern of Written Test

Written Test ( Technical + Aptitude ) [ Elimination round ]...

Pattern of Group Discussion

In GD two groups were formed of 7 each and were given a topic to argue for and against.

GPA criteria

OGPA >= 6.50.

Technical Interview

Technical Questions:-
1.) two or three codes in C were asked to be written.
2.) basic electronics was also asked like half adder zener break down etc.
3.) few simple questions from microprocessor like how many pins are there in 8085? whats pin 0 for?
4.) few questions from networking like what is a hub,a switch?
5.) Data structures like queues, stacks , sortings.
6.)questions from C form Pointers ( imp.), structures etc...
7.) questions regarding my project ( this was due to my answers in the form, I mentioned myt project in two or three answers since it was my strong point and also related to programming.)

HR Interview

The interview lasted around 55 minutes, out of which 20 mins. HR and around 35 mins. Technical.
Most of the HR questions were based on the Form Filled. Few of them were :-
1.) What was your role as the promotion manager of Srijan 09?
2.) Tell me something about yourself?
3.) Why did you choose electrical engg.?


1.) The most important thing is how you fill up the form. This is your first chance to make an impression. most of the guys dont take this seriously and fill in what ever comes to their mind.Avoid this, try to have a rough idea of the answers you are going to fill in. The language and your style is also very impt. Strictly dont make any grammatical errors ( this makes a very bad impression ). Remember that the interviewer would have already scrutinized your form prior to conducting the interview and would also have it during the process. What you fill in will decide most of the course of the interview esp. HR ( most of the technical questions are pre decided depending upon company profile but some may be based on the form)

2.) Since most of the written tests do not have negative marking do not leave any question unanswered or till the end, make an intelligent guess when you read the question for the first time itself. Since time is less it is very likely that you would end up randomly guessing answers to many questions. remember even one question can make the difference.

3.) always carry a confident attitude but be careful not to be over confident. Be modest , carry a gentle smile throughout, remember the interviewer does not expect you to know the answer to each and every question.. an interview with 60% questions right would qualify as a good one, so dont get nervous if you dont know the answer to some questions, its quite normal..also be careful about what you say and how you say it.. if you dont know an answer tell him so...what matters is how you convey it. Instead of saying " I dont know." say " I have not studied this Sir." what the company is looking for is the ability to learn and the aptitude, afterall they are going to train you for the job!!

No. of Candidate applied And Points that Worked in Favour

OGPA >= 6.50.
In GD two groups were formed of 7 each and were given a topic to argue for and against.
Questions in the form:-
1.) Family background.
2.) Tell us about some position of responsibility held by you.
3.) Academic and extracurricular awards recieved.
4.) describe a situation where in you had to learn an unfamiliar idea and how you dealt with it. did you succeed?
5.)describe a situation where in you had to explain somebody an idea which he or she was unfamilar with. did you succed and if yes how you did it?
6.) why do you want to join aricent technologies?
7.) tell us something about yourself.

and a few more.,..
A decent OGPA ( not necessarily 8 pointer ), my confident attitude, the way I filled the form ( most Impt.), how I presented myself., Since the selection was based on the marks scored in all the rounds I gave my best in every round, scored good in technical and also my G.D went very well.. Most importantly my interview took the course which I wanted it to take for most of it which because of my answers to the questions in the form.

pz gv me idea abt d ies prpsn.
Wednesday, May 18, 2011, 7:38 pm
ankit jain   i want tolittle bit help please give me ur contact id.
Sunday, January 27, 2013, 1:04 pm

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