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Company: Tata Motors
Package: 5 (LPA)
College: Confidential, 2010
Branch: Mechanical Engineering

Pattern of Written Test

Aptitude Test : 27 Minutes
Quantitative : 0 Minutes
Reasoning / Analytical : 0 Minutes
Verbal English : 0 Minutes
Technical : 36 Minutes
Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:
The aptitude test was strictly timed. There were 72 questions in all. 36 in quant and verbal and the rest 36 from
technical sphere. Further these questions were divided into sets of 12 each with levels ranging from low through
medium to high. 45 seconds was given to solve the quant and verbal questions while 60 seconds were given for the
technical ones. Time was the deciding factor in the former while knowledge did the same in the latter. 45 seconds is
just enough time to crack a nuemrical. The test was online and the questions varied from person to person. An
adequate level of knowlledge in english combined with good paced calculating abilities would keep you in good
stead. In verbal, sequencing of jumbled sentences to form a coherent paragraph, finding synonyms and antonyms
of given words and finding the grammatically correct sentences were asked. Quant has questions from ratios and
proportions, probability, permutation and combination, and simple equations. All the questions were in the IIFT
format(much simpler than CAT).Technical part had questions from the past two year. Metrology, materials and
manufacturing technology questions were more
frequent in my paper. The distribution varied. Fluid mechanics, design and thermal were also asked. FEM and more
advanced math questions were not asked.Even if you fare well in only one of the sections your chances are
pretty high.

Pattern of Group Discussion

Name of the Topic / Task : Industrialization
Time Given : 20 Minutes
Details of the process and your contribution:
A tentative period of 20 minutes was given to discuss the topic. After seating the students around a table, the topic
was given and scratch paper was provided. 5 mins was given to ponder over the topic and to gather and chanelize
our thoughts. Go for the key word approach. That is, try to explain the title word by word in simple but articulate
english. Initiating the discussion, if done well can work much to your favour but failing to make the mark can cast a
very bad impression. So if you intend to start the discussion, make sure you have relevant points. Go for the SPELT
approach. S-social, P-political, E-economic, L-legal and T-traditional approach. dicuss all these aspects of the topic.
Go in detail about the views of the different affected parties. Remember that its not a debate. Your success lies in
bringing out the
best thoughts in others and not in thrashing the life out of them. Do not converge on the same opinion all at once.
If you change your stance make sure than it follows a logical train of facts and advocations. Our topic was
"Industrialisation or eradication of poverty-what is the need of the hour?" Some facts about GDP, NDP and
economic growth supplimented with figures gave a good start to the GD. I was all out in favour of industrialisation
and stuck with it till the end. We discussed on how farmers, villagers and other backward people were going to be
affected by supporting this. How we can exicute this program and ensure its success.Points were also discussed on
how A few mintues into the discussion everyone backed industrialisation except for one. It was 8 against 1 contest.
Hence the odd one out shifted the spotlight towards him. Though in the end, everyone supported industrialisation,
there were a lot valid points in the other side which were not spoken of. Both sides deserve equal importance no
matter which one you support. Make sure your body language is right and try not to stammer. Be assertive with
your views but dont be aggressive to
force it upon others.

Technical Interview

I was the person with the lowest GPA who was selected for the GD. As i made it clear to them that i was not looking
for a core job, they avoided a lot of core subjects. But to fill in that void i had to explain to them why i wanted to be
in sales and marketting. I elaborated on how i followed the hype surrounding the landrover and jaguar aquisition by
Tata and then went on to talk about the swaraj mazda takeover whose discussions were being held behind the
curtains. Everyone was asked questions on their favourite subjects whatever they might be. Mine was economics
and accountancy. They asked me about GDP, NDP, Manmohan Singh's LPG scheme, micro and macro economics.
Then they quizzed me on IC engines(which i mentioned was my fav core subject). There were questions about
which engine was used in some particular Tata trucks. I was unable to answer those but that dint make a difference.
Then he enquired about which car i had and asked me about
the particulars. About the type of engine, the cylinder arrangement, number of valves etc. Then he asked me how
the wheel truns. I had to start from the linear movement of the piston all the way to the wheel turning. There were
quesions on types of gears, how the steerings worksand the mechanism, bastard files, Mpfi, Differnetial, how
dashpot and
spring were realised in a car, use of vibration analysis for car movement, relation between torque and force, torque
and work, purpose of a CV boot, what is different in an engine which uses lpg instead of petrol, DOHC, OHC, cam
shaft mechanism, efficiencies of an engine etc. Whether a key hole can be cut on a lathe. Some questions were
asked regarding my industrial training but they were just basic questions on what i did.

HR Interview

Unlike my counterparts, i was not asked to "tell something about myself". However they asked me the following
1. How did you end up in Warangal?
2. Why had I dropped a year. Please say an acceptable reason which doesnt involve extensive lying about prolonged
sickness or death.
3. Asked about some of the extra curricular activities mentioned on the form.
4. How many companies i sat for before Tata? Just a tip: smaller the better.
5. Why Tata? Say the streotype answer unless you have something else to add. "Tata has immense scope.....". You
can floor the person if you play this card right.
6. Any plans for MBA or MS? I said an MBA in a year and still they took me. But the response may not be the same
7. Whether I had any problems in being placed at remote locations.


1. Pointer doesnt really matter. As long as you are eligible to give the apti you are fine.
2. Stay calm. Dont get freaked out cos you were not able to study properly. Basic knowledge of things would do.
3. First years EME text is the Bible.
4. Dont worry about the trivial things like your attire or even the dossier with your certis.
5. If you can get your hands on TIMEs study material, try to go through the conceptual questions of the important
math chapters. Atleast be aware of the type questions that might come rather than spending a lions share of time in
the hall trying to figure out the stratergy.
6. In verbal synonyms, if one of the answers rhymes with the word in question, then its incorrect. Taking a shot
between 2 options is fine but not for more.
7. In math question, dont bother multiplying the entire quantity, just check the unit digit. its almost always different
in all the options.
8. Interviews are all about selling yourself in the most effective way. Embellishments are an integral part. But do not
bluff on subject matters.If you have no idea about what they are asking, be candid about it.
9. If you want to guess, tell them affront that you are not sure of the answer but your logic dictates that so and so
could be the answer.
10. If you are a glib talker, then make the most of it. Every interview cannot exceed a particular time limit so talking
slowly was a strategy that I adopted which made me dodge fewer questions and made me look me more confident.

No. of Candidate applied And Points that Worked in Favour

The hardest part of the entire process was the aptitude test. If you can manage to clear that, you have a fairly good
chance of hitting bulls eye. The interview panel was very young at heart. They tried their best to keep us calm
through out. Rather than bombarding us with a barrage of questions to shatter our confidence, they took time to
analyse our knowledge. The interview which lasted over an hour was a cake walk to be honest. We had lively
discussions rather than a
classroom oral test.

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